Recipe: Cabbage Soup

|August 26, 2011|read comments (0)
Author: Mama's Kitchen
You cannot say that this is not soup weather!

I wonder if winter will ever go away and the snow will ever melt. I know that I still have that giant mountain of snow out front that will most likely still be here through the summer. It's rock solid ice right now.

With nagging snows that keep you shoveling several times a day – sometimes you need to make something that is good and hot to warm the tummy.

With my insane schedule – it's a wonder I get anything accomplished these days.

Last week I make a Cabbage Soup – something I could make in 1 1/2 hours between "shifts". It was a last minute decision, so on my way home in the morning I stopped and grabbed a package of polish sausage and a head of cabbage.

I think I can break a world record for putting this soup together. Run in the door and hang up my coat, empty the bag and wash my hands. Grab the big soup pot and fill it with cold water and place over medium heat. Meanwhile, cut my sausage and add to pan. Dice onions, carrots, celery; add to pan. Season with Kosher salt, cracked black pepper, parsley, and chicken bouillon. Wash my cabbage and cut to add later. Peel my potatoes, cut into chunks and place in cold water and I was done in less than 15 minutes!

I brought my soup to a simmer and there is really no skimming with this. An hour or so later I added my diced potatoes and then I added my cabbage. Once the taters and cabbage were tender – it was done.

One big pot was good for two days – plenty of homemade bread for soppin' and a real tummy-warmer in this weather.

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