Recipe: UPDATE – Where have I been?

|January 13, 2013
Author: Mama's Kitchen

It's already 2013 – it HAS to be a better year!

Many have been asking me where I have been – I've been to hell.  I've gone through more than I wish to go through and pray no one else goes through any of what I've been through.  No – I am not out of the woods yet – but I try very hard to think positive and see the glass as half full like I used to – instead of half empty like I have been lately.

I'm working hard at getting myself together to get back to my blogging and writing cookbooks.  It's my passion and I've turned my back on it for a bit.  I want to thank those of you that have continued to be there for me – may you all be blessed with the best!

One good thing has happened to me – and I thank God every day for it – one of my babies moved in with  me the day before school started back in September and it has given me hope, something to look forward to, and tons of extra work – which I am not complaining about.

His nick-name is BooBoo and he has just turned 11 years old.  I am waiting for his sister to graduate 8th grade (head strong and will NOT leave her school – she HAS to graduate from there!) so her and her mom can move in here permanently.  Boo loves his new school, has fabulous teachers, and everyone loves him.  If you met him you would definitely say that he has touched your heart and you would never forget him.  It's so hard with her and her mom staying elsewhere for the school nights.  But June will be here soon – it will get better for us all.

You ask how he got the name "BooBoo" – when he was a baby his sister was always hollering "BOO" in his face – no wonder that was his first word!  She was his little mommy.  She'd grease him up with baby oil, feed him – you name it.  Poor Boo didn't have to talk – she answered all questions asked to him.  These two have a special bond and can read each others minds as well.  Very close – very, very close.

Trust me – with not having children living here since their mom did years ago – it was a big change for me!

First of all – he has a  "MAN-CAVE" – which he loves.  He has a beautiful room (my mom's room) complete with TV, DVD player, CD player, VHS player – not to mention everything else he can get in there!  Oh – and cable (basic) hooked up to the TV so that he can watch SpongeBob, Phineas and Ferb, and all those other totally-unknown-to-me children's programs they have today.  Gosh – what ever happened to the original Mickey Mouse Club with Annette, Cubbie, Darlene and all the rest of them?

I bought him a bookcase to hold the "treasures" I found at a library that was getting rid of books a few years ago.  I purchased about 150 or so children's books of all sorts for the kids and we have it full of books.  As they outgrow the books we donate them for others to enjoy.  And his nano race track sits on top of that.  Noisy contraption that is – and to me it is dangerous.  Those itty bitty cars shoot off the track and they hurt like hell when they hit you!

He keeps his Lincoln Logs in a large tote – he loves to create and build. And we made a homemade toy box for other things – don't ask what it looks like, please!

For Christmas he got a Wii and games for that along with other goodies – but that we leave in the living room.  His sister hooked it all up and even set me up with NetFlix.  Their mom has NetFlix on their TV and I guess you can hook it up to 3 TV's and I was one of them!  It's better than cable – I pay $80/month for basic cable – YES – BASIC – and the same movies are played over and over again on the same channels and it seems to go on forever.  If you miss the story on one channel at 4, you can watch it at 5 on another channel, 6 on another – ridiculous.  And it goes for weeks at a time.  If I want to watch that many reruns I'll buy the DVD and play it 24/7 for a couple weeks.  At least I won't have to see the 36 commercials they squeeze in there every 7 minutes.

He and I enjoy watching wrestling.  I've watched it forever and I got his mom hooked and him as well.  His sister outgrew it – after all she is 13 and has other things on her mind.  But even during the wrestling matches they break into a ton of commercials while the wrestlers are still going at it.  It's not right.

Also – I enjoy watching the Sci-Fi channel at times.  Sometimes while cleaning (to keep me company) I'll turn on the channel and for the day.  Sad about that channel and several others THAT WE PAY FOR AND DO NOT GET FOR FREE (as I vent) after a couple hours the channel stops working.  Then you have to get out of that screen, and wait to get back on or shut it off and start all over again.  We pay to watch television when it should be free.  Why do we need to pay to watch our local news and stations?  Why do they move all the good stations off basic and over to the premium side without letting anyone voice their opinion?  (like it would matter) and why do they shut off channels that you are watching after a certain length of time?  In order to watch the Langoliers I had to change the channel a couple times during the commercials so that it would not go out on me.  And I have  had it with infomercials – I refuse to watch any of them.  They are on every single station, every day – Grrrrrr……….

Anyway – my days are filled with laundry, ironing, cooking and baking, doing homework, PTA meetings, playing games, study time, etc. which has helped me a lot with all I have been through.

I am very lucky – my babies love their vegetables and fruits and they are not finicky eaters!  They eat quite a bit.  they have always eaten like adults so it makes cooking easy.  But they are fussy – it has to be good!

So the hell I am in is being taken over slowly with my babies.  He is a lot of work – typical man – and he takes after my dad that at times I think it's my dad living here.  And he is such a good boy – he really is.

I'm working on getting back – I have more pictures and recipes to share – and I want to once again thank those of you that kept after me – even when I was ready to totally give everything up!


more to come………………..