Recipe: “Pink slime” time!

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Author: Mama's Kitchen

Okay – by now you all know me – I don’t believe in processed foods and all the chemicals and preservatives that are jammed into our bodies each day. Yes there are good preservatives and bad preservatives. But some of the things that are being fed to us are totally uncalled for.

I haven’t chimed in about this pink slime stuff – but it’s time to jump on the soap box – so here I go:

For those of you that do not know what pink slime is (and that is the actual name for it) it is actually LEAN FINELY GROUND TEXTURED BEEF THAT IS MADE FROM FATTY LEFTOVER MEAT TRIMMINGS FROM OTHER CUTS. No it is not genetically engineered! But it is butcher scraps. And after seeing what goes on in some meat rooms – and the length of time these scraps sit – I just don’t want to go there!

This “meat” goes through a process where it is heated (simmered) to 100* F. (this separates the fat from the muscle) and “spun” to remove most of the fat. From there it is compressed into blocks to be used in ground meats. Then it is “exposed” to "a puff of ammonium hydroxide gas" to kill bacteria, such as E. coli and salmonella.** Flash freeze these compressed bricks and send them to the stores and markets!

In case you care to know – Pink Slime is made by Beef Products Incorporated – and they have made MILLIONS selling this garbage.

Needless to say, this does not even need to be placed on food labels as an ingredient. It makes up 70% of some ground meats and burgers and is in at least HALF of all US ground meat and burgers.

Oh it meets the food safety requirements and it’s been around for years – it’s nothing new. It made headlines a couple years back when McDonald’s and other major chains discontinued using ammonia-treated beef.

It has, of course, turned up in school lunches though. Sure, use it on the kids. Make Congress and the White House eat it.

Now help me to understand this:

Our “government” (which keeps sticking it’s nose into what we eat, how much we eat, how it is supposed to be prepared, etc.) does not allow McDonald’s (for instance) to set up shop in a school cafeteria because of hundreds of reasons – making such foods the worst thing you can serve your children. McDonald’s – who has chosen not to use ammonia-treated meat products for consumers. BUT YET – IT IS BEING FED TO SCHOOL CHILDREN! I don’t get it! Do you? Wow – sure ain’t like the old Wonder Bread – ain’t gonna make strong bodies and strong minds for their future!

There’s a link –

Which to me is a waste of internet space. They spend too much time defending themselves. Sure USDA inspected beef – the whole cow – including ALL it’s parts – hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Then you have the National Meat Association that chimes in fighting against those that say this “meat” is destined for dog food. Also, they claim that ammonium hydroxide is used in baked goods, puddings and other processed foods. AHA – another reason to make it homemade!

It was nice to hear this morning on the news that more major food chains (such as Safe Way and Shaw’s) are now refusing to use or sell products containing pink slime. Maybe we can get back to being healthier if more would stand up to what is going on with our food supply, how it is treated, where it comes from, etc.

What is sad – Wegman’s, Market Basket, and Stop ‘n Shop say that except for some varieties mostly of the organic type, much of their ground beef contains pink slime, but that their processing plants use a safer antibacterial agent on the meat scraps. And that would be what??? Wegman’s denies selling it but yet they use their own version of pink slime in their meats. Glad I don’t buy my meats there and Wegman‘s is a popular store (not for me or my family) around here!

WalMart and Sam’s Club sell it – but also offer alternatives – they state. I do not buy meat from WalMart because I do not know where it comes from and what they do to it. I am dead-set against “foreign” (meaning from some company in another state I don’t know of) packaged meats in my home. I want to see the butcher cutting and wrapping cuts of meat. Never trust anyone!

Places like Aldi’s and Save Lot – don’t know where their mystery meat comes from as well – so steer clear.

BJ’s sells it and will continue to – they like the profit. (low life!)

And this ammonia-treatment to kill bacteria, such as E. coli and salmonella is a CROCK! Learn how to properly store, handle and cook your foods and you won’t have any problems. Also, maybe the USDA needs to crack down more on farmers, food processing plants, supermarkets, etc.

If you are worried about pink slime – since it is not labeled and cannot be detected with the naked eye – buy organic beef. So far – it is not allowed in it.

Another thing you can do – pick up a piece of chuck and have the butcher grind it for you if you don’t want to grind it yourself; no filler!

One thing we don’t need is more FILLERS in our diets. We need good old-fashioned, unprocessed foods to make up most of what we eat. Just think how much healthier our ancestors were – and they worked a minimum of 18 hours each day really laboring! They ate good home-cooked meals made with fresh ingredients, worked hard in their gardens and their homes as well as on the job. They lived long, healthy and productive lives – none of all these cancers and diseases and autism, ADHD, etc. in those days – not like today. And they had WHOLE MILK WITH THE CREAM ON TOP, they fried and deep fried using LARD and baked and cooked with it. They used REAL BUTTER not imitation crap. Got the picture yet?

Open your eyes people – LEARN!

Frozen, pre-packaged and micro-waved foods ain’t gonna do you or your family any good!

Like I have said before (and I am at the age where I can repeat myself over and over again and get away with it) – for 30 days eat fresh foods, meats with no fillers, fresh veggies and fruits, eliminate most caffeine drinks, no pop or energy drinks, homemade cakes and baked goods, homemade breads, homemade sauces and gravies – you know the routine. Cook the old-fashioned way. Do it for 30 days – see how you feel after that 30 days. Betcha feel tons better, look better and maybe even a bit thinner! Need help or meal ideas? Just drop me a line!

(as I step off my soapbox – time for a cup of tea……….)






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  1. Mama's Kitchen Says:

    Interesting – today's news – Wegman's will no longer sell "pink slime" because of all the hype about it.  Now – they said they didn't use pink slime but that they made their own version of it in their plant.  Makes me wonder – they may not be using the pink slime because (for profit reasons) they are not purchasing it from Beef Products – BUT – what about their own process of the same thing?  Are they still using that?  Do they expect the masses to flood to their meat department for ground meats now??  I don't think so – bottom line to a food chain is PROFIT – period.  Not what you eat or what it can/will do to you – PROFIT.  If you buy it they will sell it.  Stop buying it and they will stop selling it.

    In all honesty – I think Wegman's is still using their own version of pink slime. 

    Grind your own meats or have the butcher do it in front of you.


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