Recipe: Goodbye Campbell’s Soups

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Author: Mama's Kitchen
(as I step onto my soapbox -)

Just how many of you that are reading this have purchased Campbell’s Condensed Soups, Condensed Cream Soups, etc.?

We’ve all enjoyed a good hot bowl of soup at one time or another in our lives, and many of us have used their soups in making many of our family favorites – sauces, meatloaf, gravies, side dishes, casseroles, open-face sammies (anyone remember SOUPERBURGERS?), etc.

While I was going to school, many kids even brought that soup in their thermos for lunch with a sandwich. It was a good lunch too. They had a good product. Let me repeat myself one more time – They HAD a good product.

I’ve purchased come of their creamed soups and tomato soups occasionally for meatloaf, quick sauces, etc. And there were large cans of Chicken Noodle on sale, so I grabbed a can. With it being winter I thought it would be nice to heat up a can quickly after being outside and cleaning the snow with these bitter temps.

Was I ever fooled! When our wind chill was down to 18 below zero and I had to shovel and chop ice, I came in and warmed up the can of soup. Expecting to taste the soup they made years ago. To my surprise – it was sheer grease and no flavor at all. I ate a few spoons of it and had to toss the rest of it. I had that grease taste in my mouth for days – nothing would take it away. And there was absolutely no flavor at all. I know that everything today is supposed to be made with less sodium – but that soup was bad. And I was not going to pour a box of salt in it – it would most likely have not made a difference – and what’s the grease?

I sent an email to the company about it – of course I got an automated response that someone would get back to me in 24 to 48 hours. And guess what? No one has. Most likely they won’t. Maybe they can’t handle emails like that. And they must be getting tons of them.

I did notice when I used a can of tomato soup for meatloaf that it gave my meatloaf a different taste. And I made a quick cream sauce last week to go with chicken thighs and even that had an odd taste to it.

So it looks like I won’t be using their products anymore. I have a few cans of tomato soup and cream of chicken in the pantry – it’s a toss up – trash them or take them to the food pantry. I give to the food pantry regularly – but it’s always good foods that are in date (so many pantries hand out the foods that have expired long ago) and I don’t have to worry about anyone getting sick on them. It’s the taste of the product that has me wondering.

I thought (and shame on me for thinking) that Campbell’s was advertising that they don’t use MGS in their soups. For those of you that are following my blog you know that I posted a write-up on MSG and all the names that it is hidden under –

I just grabbed a can of their cream of chicken soup and right off the bat – here’s three names that MSG is hiding behind:

Soy protein concentrate
Soy protein isolate
Yeast extract

Maybe Campbell’s thinks we are all stupid or something.

Yes – I realize that it is very hard to get away from MSG today. It’s in so many foods and results from so many food processes that it’s really difficult. Even our favorite fast food restaurants are loading us with it.

And you’ve just got to love the Chinese restaurants – they say no MSG in their foods – but they sit on the huge drums while prepping their foods. Big bold black letters – MSG! LOL…….. Maybe that is why I am allergic to Chinese food?

But as far as Campbell’s goes – I like soup, and I want good flavor in my soup. Also – I don’t expect to suffer from grease-throat for several days because my innards have been coated with whatever they put in their soup. It was really sickening.

So it’s goodbye to Campbell’s –

And BEWARE – watch out for store brand soups (and foods as well). Campbell’s also makes their soups under private labels. Years ago, Tops brand (Tops Markets) was selling Tops Margarine (when it was a good margarine and not a lousy spread) under the Tops name but it was made by Mrs. Filbert’s. Wegman’s has their own chickens and when they no longer produce eggs they are sold to Campbell’s to make their soups.

Stick to homemade – you can’t beat it!

Do you think I will hear from Campbell’s? If they haven’t responded in a week, they aren’t going to.

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