Recipe: My Ricotta Gnocchi

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Author: Mama's Kitchen

My Ricotta Gnocchi

approx. 15 oz. ricotta – I say that because that is the approximate amount I get from making my homemade ricotta
2 large eggs
about 1 c. flour – enough to make a soft dough
pinch salt

Combine and work as my potato gnocchi.

repost from my potato gnocchi –

Add about a cup of flour and couple eggs, pinch of salt. Using a pastry scraper for this makes it easy.

As far as adding the flour goes, you don't want a tacky dough and it all depends on the weather, humidity, etc.

Once my dough is ready I cut off a piece and roll by hand into a long rope, cut in about 3/4-inch pieces.

Many shape the dough pieces using the tines of a fork – my family has what we call "gnocchi thumbs" that do a fabulous job without the fork.

Cook in boiling water (like any pasta – boil the water, add salt and return to a full boil) in batches if necessary. They will float when done. Drain and continue to use in your recipes.

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