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Author: Mama's Kitchen

Today I would like to share a very simple and delicious pasta dish that is one of our favorites! It’s done in no time and on those busy days – it’s a lifesaver.

Penne with Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Simply cook your pasta al dente (you know the routine – bring a large pot of water to a rolling boil, add salt and wait for it to return to a rolling boil, add pasta and cook).

Add to pot, olive oil and fresh minced garlic, saute – do not brown the garlic (burned garlic is very bitter – toss and start over) add cooked pasta back to pan, pour in the oil from a jar of sun-dried tomatoes in oil (all depending on your taste and how much you are making); stir in a small jar of (drained) marinated artichoke hearts; heat through, season to taste with Kosher salt and fresh ground or cracked black pepper, and serve.

This goes well with a nice salad and of course – crusty Italian bread.

This is very similar to my macaroni and oil – cook pasta as directed above – drain. In same pot, drizzle olive oil and add fresh minced garlic, saute – do not burn. Add pasta bake to pan, season to taste with Kosher salt, fresh ground or cracked black pepper, fresh minced parsley; serve hot.

Once again – this goes great with a salad and crusty Italian bread.

Either one of these dishes can be made with any type of pasta – the choice is yours.

These are just two of the dishes we enjoy on Fridays, or on meatless days during Lent, etc.

If you are a meat eater on those days – no problem. Enjoy as a side with your favorite entrée. And no one said that you can’t add fish or seafood to this!

Just a few notes:
The oil from the sun-dried tomatoes gives this a fabulous flavor. A
mix of equal amounts of olive oil and the oil from the tomato jar is a good ratio to start with – you can adjust from there. Diced or jullienned sun-dried tomatoes go farther than the whole ones do. Add as many drained, marinated artichokes as you want.

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