Recipe: Replenishing the pantry – My Homemade Lemon Herb Seasoning

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Author: Mama's Kitchen

I have to admit that I absolutely love lemon herb chicken and pork! Of course I make my own Lemon-Pepper Seasoning, but I think I get more use out of my Homemade Lemon Herb Seasoning.

First of all – when it comes to dried lemon peel or dried orange peel – I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to spend money on it in the stores. They are so overpriced it’s not funny. I’ve been making my own for years and it’s so simple and it practically costs me nothing to make.

We are a fresh lemon and fresh orange family. I always have fresh lemons in the house for using in cooking and baking, in beverages, to accompany fish and/or seafood dishes and to use in dressings, etc.
And fresh oranges – what can I say – we love to eat oranges and I also use them in recipes.

When shopping for lemons and oranges, I always look for the nicest rinds as well as the best produce I can buy. When I get them home I wash them very well and dry. Grab my zester or a grater (I use both) and remove the rind – leaving the pith behind. I grate/zest on paper towels and leave to dry. It’s that simple. Store airtight in glass containers in the pantry. If I am making a lot and I am in a hurry, I may dry on the fruit roll-up trays that came with my dehydrators or I may pop the rind in the oven to dry at 150 – 200* Fahrenheit until dry. Just spread out on a low-rimmed baking sheet, tossing occasionally.

When I need to make a seasoning mix that calls for either – I can easily grind to a fine powder using my coffee grinder (I have one that I use ONLY for seasonings).


To make My Homemade Lemon Herb Seasoning

5 tablespoons dried basil**
¼ cup dried oregano (scant)
1 ½ teaspoons fresh cracked black pepper*
1 ½ tablespoons dried onion flakes**
1 ½ tablespoons whole celery seeds
1 teaspoon garlic powder**
4 teaspoons dried grated lemon zest**

Combine all ingredients and mix well; store airtight in pantry for up to six months – if it lasts that long! When using – add Kosher salt to taste.

*To crack peppercorns – place in resealable plastic bag and crack using a rolling pin, dowel or cast iron pan

**homemade ingredients

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  1. rogerslmc Says:

    Going in search of the Homemade Lemon Pepper recipe! 

  2. Mama's Kitchen Says:

    If it’s not there – it will be soon – I’m just “getting back” – it’s been a rough couple of months for me – and I need my blogs to keep me going. Thank you so much for participating!!

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