Recipe: Okay – back to the pantry – Making Brown Sugar!

|March 13, 2011|read comments (0)
Author: Mama's Kitchen

As you read my recipes you find ** after the ingredients noting that you can save money and make this item yourself or when in a pinch and you've run out or if it is something you only use on occasion and wish not to purchase to waste the rest of it – which is very understandable with the price of everything today!

So it's time to get busy and make some of your own brown sugar.


There is really no effort involved – it's so easy.

Place 1 cup of granulated sugar into a bowl.

Measure in 1 tablespoon molasses.
Work the molasses into the sugar using a fork until thoroughly incorporated.


For making light brown sugar – use light molasses and for making dark brown sugar – use dark molasses.


Don't want to buy dark brown molasses? Add more light molasses to make dark brown sugar.

Make as much as you need – no waste for those that use it rarely.

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