Recipe: Garlic – Fresh or Jarred?

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Author: Mama's Kitchen

Garlic – Fresh or Jarred?

Of course – I am back to talking about GARLIC. I received this email which I would like to share:

Date: Sun, 16 May 2010 04:58:02 -0500

Hi Mama!

Thanks for including me in your email list. Yesterday before I went to work, I was on your Old Fashioned Home Cooking blog. I tell you what, I wish I discovered your site a long time ago because if I did, I won't be doing some of the stuff I'm doing right now. For example, I used to use freshly crushed garlic every time I saute something, then I saw some videos of bloggers who uses the already minced garlic that they can get from grocery store. I started using that because I thought it was a good idea and it would save me some time. But after reading your articles about making everything homemade, I kind of realize that you were right, we don't know what's in that bottle of minced garlic. So yes Mama, I am learning from you already. And I am not back in school yet. This time, I want to learn as much as I can for free before I go back to school. And thanks to you. Please don't be surprised if I mention some of your tips in my blog. And thank you so much for the encouragement. I really appreciate it.



When it comes to using garlic – I think I am the biggest user of it in the world! There is nothing like fresh garlic or making your own homemade garlic salt and dried minced garlic! (recipes on this blog)

You all know that I am against purchasing jarred garlic in oil. It’s way too expensive, and it’s a total waste. I don’t care if it saves you time – eating out at McDonald’s, Burger King, etc. will also save you time. But is it really healthy for you?


Let me repeat myself – just in case you didn’t quite get it –


No – not what you purchase at the market – what you can make at home. For big batch cooking, or if I know I am using it two days in a row (which is just about all the time!) – I make my own. Make it the night before and store in a small covered glass jar in the refrigerator. It comes in handy for rubs, barbecuing, roasts, skillet frying – just about anything. Even use when making garlic bread.

I’m fussy about the quality of the ingredients I use. Unfortunately, I can’t say that about food manufacturing facilities. I don’t care who they are – I don’t trust any of them.

Seeing those really tall jars of garlic in oil in the stores just turns my stomach. I don’t give a hoot as to an expiration date on a product either. I don’t care if you just bought it and you are dumb enough to believe that just because it has an expiration date 2 years from now that you are going to be able to use that long! ONCE OPENED – THE EXPIRATION DATE MEANS NOTHING! I don’t care what the product is.

Now back to those poisonous tall jars of garlic in oil – if you are going to use the entire jar within 2 to 3 days – then buy it if you must. If not – it’s just a waste of money because it is not good after that.

It’s so easy to make your own – just mince your fresh garlic (using only good garlic and not half-rotted garlic that you are trying to save!) and add olive oil; mix well; place in small glass jar with a tight-fitting cover and use within 2 days – be sure to store in refrigerator. Pushing it to 3 is something I don’t agree with. Slather it on any foods you want – I am a garlic lover and I can’t get enough of it. But I sure as $%@# I won’t purchase it in a jar. Not when I can make my own in a minute or two. And I know what I am cooking with and feeding to others.

It’s so simple to make – why buy it? And making it yourself, you will know if it is fresh. For “marathon cooking” in my house – I make up a jar to save time. I use it in my sauces, for roasts, for all meats being, fried, roasted, baked, etc., when making garlic breads and rolls, macaroni in oil, dressings, anything I want.

Try it – I think you will agree with me!

And a note to Karen – I enjoy your blog and your recipes! Keep up the good work!

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