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Author: Mama's Kitchen

It's Sunday – it's an Italian household – what can I say?

Being Sunday – the pot of meat sauce is on the stove. I cut up a chuck roast in small pieces to fry and I also added my ground meat to it. I'm not up to making meatballs today so I'll cheat by adding the chunks of chuck. Besides – it is so good that way. Well seasoned, and cooked until it melts in your mouth with a thick rich pasta sauce.

The market had chickens on sale – perfect for a pot of chicken soup for whatever ails you. And I have the breasts and thighs that I fried in a separate pan and I've got some sauce over them. I love chicken in sauce, but it gets stringy made that way and I don't want the bones ending up in someone's throat, so I keep the chicken in sauce separate for serving – never toss your pasta with the chicken pieces if there are bones in them!

I'll cook up some rigatoni to go with it. Such a thick, rich sauce deserves a chewy pasta. And I've grated my Pecorino Romano to serve with it – saves time later.

I've got my salad mix done and in the refrigerator – I just need to add the tomatoes and make my dressing.

Homemade bread is on it's second rise. Can't go without that today.

And of course, chicken is in the pot for a big pot of soup. Once I get that strained, I'll add carrots, celery, peas, corn, potatoes – and then we can sop some up with homemade bread as well. Any extra soup broth will get bottled and frozen. Ladle into quart bottles and place in the refrigerator for 24 hour to cool completely. Cap them tomorrow before placing in the freezer.

Just an easy meal for today and I know I'll have soup leftover for tomorrow.

Dessert?? I made a no-roll crust for a pie – that baked in no time (I love making no roll crusts – they are done in no time and with no mess!) I filled that with sliced bananas (better to use them or lose them) topped with cooked banana flavored pudding. There's a can of whipped cream and chopped walnuts to top it off.

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