Recipe: oh that famous 3 ingredient peanut butter cookie recipe……..

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Author: Mama's Kitchen

Several years ago a chef came up with a very simple recipe for peanut butter cookies:

1 cup peanut butter
1 cup sugar
1 egg

Combine, mixing well, drop or shape into balls and bake in moderate oven until done (depending on size).

Easily doubles or triples with no problem.

And of course – the tweaking started:

Some added 1 teaspoon vanilla, while others wanted to add a pinch of salt – with or without the vanilla. Not to mention those that use brown sugar or granulated and brown sugar combined.

Which brings me to this:

There are the “blossomers” who like to add the chocolate kiss. But don’t forget the “upside-down blossomers” that want to insert the chocolate kiss upside-down into the cookie.

Of course, there are the “surprise fillers” that place a chocolate kiss or a chocolate wafer into the center of the cookie before baking. Try filling with a Rolo candy, Milk Dud, or other chocolate covered whatever; even chocolate (or regular) marshmallows.

We also have the “candy crazy” that enjoy adding M&M’s to their dough, or peanut M&M’s, or Butterfinger bits, toffee bits, Skittles – whatever satisfies your sweet tooth.

Don’t forget about the “nuts about nuts” that use the crunchy peanut butter, or roll the cookies in chopped nuts of choice before baking, or add a favorite nut to the center for a nice nutty surprise.

Remember the “chippers and chunkers” that add semi-sweet, dark chocolate, white chocolate, cinnamon or butterscotch morsels or chunks to the mix.

Then there are the “true PB lovers” that shape the dough around a mini Reese’s cup.

Even the “rollers” like to shape and roll the cookies in chocolate jimmies, chopped nuts, coconut, Rice Krispies, Cocoa Puffs or any cereal, graham cracker crumbs, or even sugar before baking.

The “healthy alternatives” will add raisins or other dried fruit, oatmeal or even flax seed! Some will use honey.

And there are the “icers” that need to cool the cookies before plunging into a vat of melted chocolate of choice, or drizzling with a chocolate, vanilla, caramel or butterscotch icing or ganache.

Oh what a simple 3-ingredient recipe can turn into!  And the possibilities are endless!

2 Responses to “oh that famous 3 ingredient peanut butter cookie recipe……..”

  1. almonds Says:

    OK, I'm a total p-nut butter cookie junkie…so try to avoid making.  PLEASE tell me, is this simple recipe as good as the labor intensive one?  Please tell me NO or I'll be making & eating them non-stop.
               Has anyone here tried this recipe?   I really want to head to my kitchen…RIGHT NOW…but won't.
    Reviews please?  Thanks!

  2. Mama's Kitchen Says:

    I just finished off my cookies I baked 3 days ago. I made a small batch to enjoy. Easy – mix with the rubber spatula, dropped onto the cookie sheet with a spoon – clean up was one bowl (for mixing), one rubber spatula, on spoon and one cookie tray. One tray in the oven for 12 minutes (depends on the size) and OMG – you would think that you made peanut butter cookies all day with that good aroma in the house. Three ingredients – although I added a pinch of salt and barely a splash of vanilla this time. Usually I just do the 3 basic ingredients. I had great cookies – prepped, mixed and baked in 15 minutes!

    You gotta try them – I’ve got everyone hooked on making these! Let me know if you do.

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