Recipe: Homemade pizza, ricotta cheese

|November 8, 2011|read comments (2)
Author: Mama's Kitchen

Today I made some pizza dough to make a nice old-style Napolitan pizza.

Dissolved my yeast in warm water in a large bowl, added just a tiny bit of sugar, water, oil, flour and salt.

After the first rise, I separated the dough into portions. One went into a large (food grade) plastic bag – leaving plenty of room at both ends for it to rise in the refrigerator; placing a  twist tie at the very end of the bag for closure. Gently place on a tray and slide into the refrigerator and DO NOT DISTURB at all. That is for tomorrow's pizza.

Since it is dough for pizza – it doesn't need to rise a second time. So I spread my dough in my tin (today I used a jelly roll pan), greased (grease for a soft-bottomed crust, do not grease for a crunchier bottom), and drizzled a bit of olive oil over the top.

I opened a large can of crushed tomatoes and cooked them with diced onions; seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic, parsley, basil, and a bit of marjoram. Simmered to thicken a bit; cool before spreading on pizza. The rest is in the refrigerator for tomorrow's pizza. A light sprinkle of grated Pecorino Romano and a sprinkle of dry bread crumbs.

Now that is the way pizza is supposed to be made!

While that was being made, I made my ricotta cheese. Look – I couldn't beat the price. I found whole milk for $1.68 per gallon at WalMart. I didn't have buttermilk so I used about 1/4 cup of white vinegar; stir and bring to simmer. By the time the temperature of the milk hits about 175 to 180* F. you will see the whey and the curds separate. Transfer curds to a cheesecloth-lined strained (several layers of cheesecloth) – drain off liquid but don't press the curds. Place over bowl and bring up ends of cheesecloth and tie; allow to drain overnight in the refrigerator (make sure to have a deep bowl so that the liquid is not touching the cheese). I'll have about 4 cups of homemade ricotta cheese for tomorrow's lasagna.

You can't beat homemade and you can't beat the price!

Since the oven will be on tomorrow, I'll make my homemade bread in the morning and time it so that it comes out of the oven just in time to slide the lasagna in. A large salad of greens with a nice homemade vinaigrette and we will be happy. I have our big meal planned for some time between noon and 1 in the afternoon; pizza for the later meal with chicken wings. Hey – it's a great way to watch a football game!

2 Responses to “Homemade pizza, ricotta cheese”

  1. almonds Says:

    I can't keep up with you…I WANT TO MAKE ALL OF THIS….NOW!!!!  Oh, home made ricotta cheese, can't wait to try this, but won't happen till after Thanksgiving, darn!  Can I toss a few (several) pieces of fresh basil on this?…love that stuff…or would it be too intense?  Should I eliminate it from the sauce?  I want some NOW!!! 
       Oh, yeah, thanks for the recipe.  In the past I used to love that thick, gooey, cheesy deep dish pizza, now, not so much, I prefer the fresh topping taste (more tomatoes the better).  It's still nice to have a gooey piece once every few months, that's all I need.   OH….Sorry, I will have to add a few sliced fresh mushrooms to the top, I put mushrooms in almost everything….but only fresh, canned taste like some thing imported from outer space. 

  2. Mama's Kitchen Says:

    Homemade ricotta is the absolute best! You cannot beat the taste and the texture. Basil leaves in your sauce – OH YEAH! Sometimes I make a delicious basil sauce – made one for a friend’s dinner party – they loved it.
    Gooey pizza is okay once in a while – a piece here or there is fine – it’s the fresh homemade crust with the tomatoes, onions – oh is it heaven or what???

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