Recipe: The Familia Kitchen – a/k/a The Family Kitchen

|February 22, 2011
Author: Mama's Kitchen

Welcome to The Familia Kitchen a/k/a The Family Kitchen part of my blog where I will be sharing many of our family's favorite recipes and stories with everyone who visits here.

I am very glad you stopped by to visit – and I hope this blog becomes one of your favorites to visit daily!

The Familia Kitchen came about with the many requests I’ve gotten to share our many family recipes and stories.

I come from a VERY large Italian family with relatives living in Italy, Argentina, Peru, from Canada to Florida, from the east coast to the west coast and many states in-between. With many relatives “inter-marrying” I have much more than just Italian recipes to share. Thanks to my mom who was a firm believer in trying many various dishes, I’ve enjoyed and learned much about many other regions and their cooking. We moved several times when I was younger and I met some of the most wonderful cooks and bakers from other countries that were kind enough to share their recipes with us.

A little about me – I come from a long line of chefs, pastry chefs, bakers, cooks, restaurant owners, food service – you name it. My maternal grandfather was a Five-Star chef, my great-uncle was another Five-Star chef, my maternal great-grandmother was a pastry chef – always with big write-ups in the newspapers about her cooking and her baking. She was a very talented woman; always cooking and baking, everything homemade and from scratch, sewing curtains and draperies, tatting lace, crocheting, knitting – there wasn’t anything she could not do. Great-gram would slaughter (what a horrible sound that has) her own chickens and suckling pigs, render her own lard, etc. They always said that I take after her.

Actually I always felt that I took after my mother – she always did the same things.

Yes, grandpa had chickens and mom had to slit their throats and drain the blood over the sink, dip in boiling water and pull the feathers off, etc. but in all honesty – I prefer to buy my meats and poultry from the butcher. And as far as fishing goes – standing in front of the seafood counter with my number in hand waiting my turn is “fishing” for me.

In addition to cooking, baking, and playing in the kitchen – I have many interests. Of course my sewing, knitting, crocheting and other crafts as well as drawing and painting. As long as I am kept busy, I am happy. And I enjoy a good movie and a good book.

Since I was “talked into” starting this blog – it will most likely be unlike the many blogs out there with tons and tons of recipes. The recipes on this blog are MY FAMILY RECIPES. These family recipes are recipes used by various family members, many are our own creations, some may have come from relatives from our extended family. I feel that you can search the internet and find sites with tons of recipes and after a while they are all alike; this blog is designed to be much more personal.

Eventually I will be posting family pictures and little stories – just to share. All of the family has passed – but the memories are something worth sharing.

It is my hope that you will try some of the recipes and that you will also give feedback on them.

Remember – nothing is etched in concrete – recipes were made to be shared and tweaking is done by everyone – everywhere. Many recipes still need to be translated – which is something I am still working on. Many are so old and worn they are hard to read. I’ve spent the past several years putting them into cookbooks (which I’ve written several – just haven’t had any printed yet – but now with the internet I can always sell them as downloads!) and I must say that my collection of cookbooks has grown throughout the years.

Don’t forget – being brought up in the kitchen I started writing recipes before I was nine years old. I taught cooking and baking, ran restaurants, taught line chefs, prep cooks – you name it. I’ve enjoyed all my years in the kitchen, working in restaurants and delis, and catering.

I’ve much to share and I hope you stick around to enjoy it all.

As far as having a cookbook collection – I’ve got so many that I actually have tons of them in storage. And believe me – it is killing me too! I was going to move but it didn’t happen and I still want to move – so do I cart hundreds of books back and forth between storage and home or what?? I’ll see what happens in the next couple months – if I can last that long!

Oh PLEASE do not ask me about servings! OMG! We don’t do “servings” in our family. NEVER! You cook a ton of food, everyone stuffs themselves and eats what they want and no one counts the calories, carbs, sodium, etc. No need to. There isn’t a family member that would be interested in nutritional value anyway.

More on that later – you should enjoy reading it too. (I’ll be getting personal on many things.)