Recipe: ….and something “personal”….

|February 22, 2011
Author: Mama's Kitchen

I have received e-mails about my “grand-children” – considering I’ve never gotten married and I have never had any children. I am a “non-biological” (a/k/a “adopted” – me, not the babies) gram.

Long story short – I half-raised a little girl who cost me a small fortune. I loved her dearly, and I treated her like my own. I was the one who bought all her clothes, school supplies, etc. and taught her all I could. Her wedding cost me a small fortune. And on that day, I was seated at the family table – as if I were her mom.

And how did she pay me back? By giving me my grand-babies. They are much more expensive and time-consuming – but I will never complain. I love them more than life itself.

If it wasn’t for them I would be lost and I can’t imagine life without them. Their love, like them, is the most wonderful gift God has given me.

Their mom is a school bus aide and works that lousy split schedule of having her leave the house at 5 or 5:30 in the morning – and I love it. That is why I am up at 3 each morning – to do my housework and laundry and then I get to drive into the city each day, watch them sleep, wake them, wash them, dress them, feed them, take them to the bus stop or directly to school and then I get to drive back to the city to pick them up from the bus stop or from school and stay with them until their mom gets home, helping with homework.

If one (or both) are sick – I get to spend the day with them, make them soup, play with them, watch movies with them – all that fun stuff. I also get to spoil them with tons of love – and yes – tons of everything.

I’m a “silly” gramma (to Princess who is now 11), and grammaw (to Bruiser who is now 9 – and I still don’t know where the Redneck accent came from with him!) and I am their only gram. My mom is their only great gram. And we spoil them unbelievably.

When their mom was small, she told me that she was going to have THREE kids and that they were going to live with me. Well, she reneged on her promise and only gave me two, and they don’t live with me – but last August she did give me my third “grand-baby” – a Chihuahua named Cody.

So, of course, the day they brought him home from the pound – there I was, waiting on the porch, with dog food, dog treats, a dog bed, a baby blanket for him, toys, signs on the door saying, “IT’S A BOY!” and “WELCOME HOME CODY!” with balloons plastered all over the outside of her door.

I also bought snacks and pop (and, of course, a surprise for my original babies) so that they can have a party that day. (Her neighbors expect me to do things – they all know me by now! LOL)

So for Christmas, Cody even gets a stocking filled with goodies and he gets “surprises” (dog treats, etc.) when his “sister and brother” do.

He likes to shower with the kids too – and he “talks” – believe it or not – he always has a story for me. When I get to their house, he and I do the Mexican Hat Dance, turning in circles and he jumps off and on the furniture and waits for me to have a seat so he can jump on me. He is just so lovable – more human that dog.

And you will hear me talk about my babies quite a bit —-

‘nuff for now.