Recipe: Replenishing the pantry – My Homemade Dipping Sauce

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Author: Mama's Kitchen

Being Italian, I am a big bread and pasta lover! I like to keep a jar of my Dipping Sauce in the pantry to use for dipping bread, or for using as a sub/hoagie dressing or a dressing for a pasta salad, veggie salad or an antipasto.


¼ cup crushed red pepper
¼ cup fresh ground black pepper
¼ cup dried oregano
¼ cup dried rosemary
¼ cup dried basil
¼ cup dried parsley
¼ cup garlic powder**
¼ cup minced garlic**
1 ½ tablespoons Kosher salt

Place all ingredients in grinder and grind evenly if you like – if not, mix well. You can always grind it later using your coffee grinder, if desired.

Store airtight.


When you want to use it – mix 1 tablespoon of this mixture with olive oil (extra-virgin preferred). You can adjust the flavor the way you want.

Dip warm bread into mixture and enjoy!


If making subs/hoagies/panini sandwiches – I combine this mixture in a plastic bottle similar to a plastic ketchup or mustard bottle and shake and squeeze on the bread as a dressing. It can also be used with mayo/salad dressing on sandwiches for a little extra "zing" in the flavor. Try on your next salad!

I went to a beauty supply house and bought several different sizes of hair dye applicator bottles that I use in my pantry. You can cut the tips as large as you would like for many uses. Those bottles are used for salad dressings, chocolates, syrups, icing cookies with designs, BBQ sauces, etc.
Just use your imagination!


**Homemade ingredients

NOTE: Make a smaller batch of this by using 1 tablespoon of everything except the salt – use only 1 teaspoon of that.

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