Recipe: Sometimes I am my own worse enemy!

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Author: Mama's Kitchen

You know – there are days and then there are days.

Well today was one of those days.

I know that Thanksgiving isnot that far off – but I have been craving turkey for the past month! I love turkey and I always have a couple in the freezer for my turkey cravings. So this morning I pulled the last of the turkeys (now I can stock up on them again – time to watch for the sales) out of the chest freezer and stuck ol' Tom in a sink of cold water.

Changing the cold water every 15 minutes and wrestling with his body parts took me from 8 this morning till almost 1 this afternoon when I finally got his butt in the oven! Well – not his butt – that got hacked off as soon as I could do it. No butts in my house – turkey or chicken – off with the butts immediately! Several of my friends would kill for the butts – not in my house – those things are disgusting!

Those damn wires they use for holding the legs in position! Cripe – thank heaven I have a kitchen pliers for the job. Everyone should have a good set of pliers in there utensil drawer just for this type of job. FINALLY I got him thawed completely (my hands are frozen from it) and gave him a nice bath in the sink. Cut off some of the neck fat, pulled out his innards – saved the neck and tossed the rest. Got him well "powdered" (don't you use powder after a bath???) with salt, pepper, fresh parsley and fresh garlic – inside and out. A touch of oil in the pan and into the oven he went. Washed and seasoned the neck the same way and laid it on top. Covered him with foil and in he went at 350* F. I let him cook for a good 2 hours before I turned him over and put the neck on his back. Covered again and bake in the oven. It's now 4:30 and I removed the foil to brown him. Then I will turn him over and brown him some more.

I can't wait to enjoy the neck! I've got to make the gravy, the potatoes are boiling for mashed potatoes, buttered corn and my stove top dressing – homemade. I broke my homemade bread (homemade bread makes the best stuffing/dressing) in-between wrestling with Tom while trying to thaw him.

Cooked my veggies in my stainless steel bowl (one of those big ones – great for making stuffing!), added my bread and broth and transferred to a baking dish. Popped in the oven a while ago to heat through.

I figure dinner will be on the table and ready to enjoy by 5:30. Not bad for what I went through.

After dinner I'll strip the turkey down to the bones and place the bones and skin, and the wings in the stock pot with onions, carrots, celery and seasonings to make a large pot of stock. It won't take too long because the turkey is a cooked product. Then I'll strain it and ladle into quart jars so that I have stock in the freezer. Place the jars in the refrigerator overnight, cap them tomorrow and place in the freezer. From the looks of it – this is a tender turkey and I will get a really good stock from it. I'll save some and make a pot of soup for tomorrow with veggies and macaroni. Served with turkey panini on Italian bread and I've got another excellent meal.

I know I will have leftover turkey – some I will portion and freeze to have with BBQ sauce. Some I will freeze in gravy for another meal or open-faced sammmies.

As far as the stuffing/dressing goes – we will devour that between today and tomorrow. I love dressing. I don't make stuffing. Too great of a chance of bacteria setting in – besides – it tastes so much better when it is not in the bird. I make dressing quite often. It goes great with turkey, chicken or pork. For the life of me, I don't understand why people only make it once a year for Thanksgiving. And why do they use those boxed stuffing mixes? YUCKY! Do you really need all the MSG?

Waste not, want not.

Save all the heels from your bread and those last couple slices, save your rolls, etc. and place in a bread bag in the freezer. When you get enough – make dressing. White bread, rye bread, wheat bread – it all goes so well together. Including potato bread and egg bread. Even seeded rolls! Sweet breads should be saved in a separate bread bag in the freezer for making bread puddings. Betcha never thought of that one.

Well it's time for me to finish my dinner so I can start my soup.

And of course – I'll have my "turkey coma" later – and I have worked hard for it – I deserve it!

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