Recipe: 5 minute Spanish rice

|March 28, 2012|read comments (0)
Author: Mama's Kitchen

Just love having a freezer!  You can put together a meal in no time with leftovers, frozen pre-prepped veggies, frozen sauces – you name it.

I've been keeping myself quite busy with a few things and I really wasn't in the mood for cooking.  I know – shame on me.  But once in a while I get those days just like anyone else does.

Thawed a small jar of homemade sauce in the refrigerator overnight.  Really I figured I would just make a quick macaroni dish and get it over with.

Instead I wanted Spanish rice.  So I pulled some chopped red and green bell pepper and onion out of the freezer and placed in my pan with a bit of water.  Added paprika and chili powder and a bit of crushed red pepper flakes and let that cook until the veggies were nice and tender.

Meanwhile – boiled my water and added my minute rice to the pan……..wait and fluff.

Once the veggies were ready, I added my sauce to heat through until nice and hot.  By that time I was able to fluff my rice and add to my pan.

Tad-da – done!

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