Recipe: The weekend before Thanksgiving –

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Author: Mama's Kitchen

just a typical weekend before –

It's like the calm before the storm.

Hurricane Mama!

This is the weekend before Thanksgiving and there is so much to do. Not just preparing a great meal – but at this time I'm doing curtains and windows so they will be done for the holidays. I am a clean freak – so scrubbing the house is just normally done in this house.

So today I've got the laundry going, so far I've got all the windows done and I've got to iron the last of the curtains and hang them. Just waiting for them to dry a bit more.

With that done – and I've danced around the house with the vacuum, doing all the baseboards and furniture as well, and I've polished the furniture and washed all the knick knacks and lamps. The doors and doorways are done, the cupboards are done. So I have a little time to breathe.

Then scrub the floors – and with that done – I get a break.

I've done all my shopping – so the only thing I'll need to get at the store is milk, lettuce and tomatoes. And believe me – I'll make sure I am the first in and out of the store when I do get them. I really do not like crowds.

With a ton of recipes I'd like to post to Recipes by Ingredient (one of my other blogs) I'd like to be able to collapse in front of my computer and share them all.

and on that note – I think I best get finished so I can play later…………..

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