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Recipe: Simple – One pot!

|October 24, 2013|read comments (0)
Author: Mama's Kitchen

Well it's been a heluva 2 weeks!

First the starter went on the car – 2 days before my mechanic was scheduled for surgery and he could not fit me in.  He won't be back to work for a couple weeks – now what?

Okay – no car for a week – I'm going bonkers!

Ahhhhh – Tommy to the rescue.  God bless Tommy.

Tommy is my neighbor who takes care of the outside yard work for me, crawls up on the roof and cleans out my gutters for me and showed up at my house with a friend of his who is a mechanic, took my starter out, drove down the road to the parts store and put a new starter in – all in 1/2 hour!

God bless them both.  The car starts.

Well – don't I get a bug now?  Too sick to leave the house – so another 5 days pass.

Guess what??   I ventured out yesterday to a totally dead battery that would not hold a charge.  The charge got me to a car fixer-upper down the road – one terminal was only running on 10% – new battery time.  grrrrrrrrrrrrr

Okay – what else was going to happen?

I ventured out because of 3 unauthorized purchases made on my bank card and I had to go to the back to get money (like at this point I have any left!) because when I called the bank to file a complaint – they shut off my card immediately.

Oh well – new card in 5 to 7 BUSINESS days – ditto with the money taken from my account.

I don't use checks, I pay my bills on line and I use my card for everything not having to worry about carrying cash.  The ATM at the corner is from my bank so there are no ATM charges – I love it.

Now??  This.

So with all that goes on – I do still get hungry and I was not in the mood to cook.  So I grabbed some kielbasa links out of the fridge, diagonally cut, scrubbed and wedged taters, cleaned and cut carrots and steamed them.  Simple.

Dot with butter when done, sprinkle with salt and pepper – a bit of parsley for "the look" as well.

No fuss, no mess, and I still have to make it to the bank today.

Just another fun day here!

Recipe: “Pink slime” time!

|March 22, 2012|read comments (1)
Author: Mama's Kitchen

Okay – by now you all know me – I don’t believe in processed foods and all the chemicals and preservatives that are jammed into our bodies each day. Yes there are good preservatives and bad preservatives. But some of the things that are being fed to us are totally uncalled for.

I haven’t chimed in about this pink slime stuff – but it’s time to jump on the soap box – so here I go:

For those of you that do not know what pink slime is (and that is the actual name for it) it is actually LEAN FINELY GROUND TEXTURED BEEF THAT IS MADE FROM FATTY LEFTOVER MEAT TRIMMINGS FROM OTHER CUTS. No it is not genetically engineered! But it is butcher scraps. And after seeing what goes on in some meat rooms – and the length of time these scraps sit – I just don’t want to go there!

This “meat” goes through a process where it is heated (simmered) to 100* F. (this separates the fat from the muscle) and “spun” to remove most of the fat. From there it is compressed into blocks to be used in ground meats. Then it is “exposed” to "a puff of ammonium hydroxide gas" to kill bacteria, such as E. coli and salmonella.** Flash freeze these compressed bricks and send them to the stores and markets!

In case you care to know – Pink Slime is made by Beef Products Incorporated – and they have made MILLIONS selling this garbage.

Needless to say, this does not even need to be placed on food labels as an ingredient. It makes up 70% of some ground meats and burgers and is in at least HALF of all US ground meat and burgers.

Oh it meets the food safety requirements and it’s been around for years – it’s nothing new. It made headlines a couple years back when McDonald’s and other major chains discontinued using ammonia-treated beef.

It has, of course, turned up in school lunches though. Sure, use it on the kids. Make Congress and the White House eat it.

Now help me to understand this:

Our “government” (which keeps sticking it’s nose into what we eat, how much we eat, how it is supposed to be prepared, etc.) does not allow McDonald’s (for instance) to set up shop in a school cafeteria because of hundreds of reasons – making such foods the worst thing you can serve your children. McDonald’s – who has chosen not to use ammonia-treated meat products for consumers. BUT YET – IT IS BEING FED TO SCHOOL CHILDREN! I don’t get it! Do you? Wow – sure ain’t like the old Wonder Bread – ain’t gonna make strong bodies and strong minds for their future!

There’s a link –

Which to me is a waste of internet space. They spend too much time defending themselves. Sure USDA inspected beef – the whole cow – including ALL it’s parts – hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Then you have the National Meat Association that chimes in fighting against those that say this “meat” is destined for dog food. Also, they claim that ammonium hydroxide is used in baked goods, puddings and other processed foods. AHA – another reason to make it homemade!

It was nice to hear this morning on the news that more major food chains (such as Safe Way and Shaw’s) are now refusing to use or sell products containing pink slime. Maybe we can get back to being healthier if more would stand up to what is going on with our food supply, how it is treated, where it comes from, etc.

What is sad – Wegman’s, Market Basket, and Stop ‘n Shop say that except for some varieties mostly of the organic type, much of their ground beef contains pink slime, but that their processing plants use a safer antibacterial agent on the meat scraps. And that would be what??? Wegman’s denies selling it but yet they use their own version of pink slime in their meats. Glad I don’t buy my meats there and Wegman‘s is a popular store (not for me or my family) around here!

WalMart and Sam’s Club sell it – but also offer alternatives – they state. I do not buy meat from WalMart because I do not know where it comes from and what they do to it. I am dead-set against “foreign” (meaning from some company in another state I don’t know of) packaged meats in my home. I want to see the butcher cutting and wrapping cuts of meat. Never trust anyone!

Places like Aldi’s and Save Lot – don’t know where their mystery meat comes from as well – so steer clear.

BJ’s sells it and will continue to – they like the profit. (low life!)

And this ammonia-treatment to kill bacteria, such as E. coli and salmonella is a CROCK! Learn how to properly store, handle and cook your foods and you won’t have any problems. Also, maybe the USDA needs to crack down more on farmers, food processing plants, supermarkets, etc.

If you are worried about pink slime – since it is not labeled and cannot be detected with the naked eye – buy organic beef. So far – it is not allowed in it.

Another thing you can do – pick up a piece of chuck and have the butcher grind it for you if you don’t want to grind it yourself; no filler!

One thing we don’t need is more FILLERS in our diets. We need good old-fashioned, unprocessed foods to make up most of what we eat. Just think how much healthier our ancestors were – and they worked a minimum of 18 hours each day really laboring! They ate good home-cooked meals made with fresh ingredients, worked hard in their gardens and their homes as well as on the job. They lived long, healthy and productive lives – none of all these cancers and diseases and autism, ADHD, etc. in those days – not like today. And they had WHOLE MILK WITH THE CREAM ON TOP, they fried and deep fried using LARD and baked and cooked with it. They used REAL BUTTER not imitation crap. Got the picture yet?

Open your eyes people – LEARN!

Frozen, pre-packaged and micro-waved foods ain’t gonna do you or your family any good!

Like I have said before (and I am at the age where I can repeat myself over and over again and get away with it) – for 30 days eat fresh foods, meats with no fillers, fresh veggies and fruits, eliminate most caffeine drinks, no pop or energy drinks, homemade cakes and baked goods, homemade breads, homemade sauces and gravies – you know the routine. Cook the old-fashioned way. Do it for 30 days – see how you feel after that 30 days. Betcha feel tons better, look better and maybe even a bit thinner! Need help or meal ideas? Just drop me a line!

(as I step off my soapbox – time for a cup of tea……….)






Recipe: Bad turkeys

|September 24, 2011|read comments (0)
Author: Mama's Kitchen

This happened a few years back – and I thought it would give you a chuckle –


Well – it’s getting closer!

Thanksgiving that is.

In today’s paper there is an ad for Tops Turkeys at Tops Markets. They say 29 cents/pound with a $15.00 purchase.

Not too sure about that one. You see – a few years back they (Tops Markets) had this slam-bang deal on their store brand turkeys. Of course, being a turkey family I purchased 4 Tops brand and 1 Riverside brand; stuffed them in the freezers – one for Christmas and the others for anytime we wanted turkey.

This one particular year – we were going to do something different. Since it was going to be a very quiet day and it was going to be just us – and of course that year they were going to have the stores opened on Turkey Day so that we could get a jump on holiday shopping – we had this “brainstorm” of cooking the turkey the day before Thanksgiving.

So the day before was quite hectic with the baking, roasting the bird, etc. and we used the carcass to make soup/broth so we did that as well. For Thanksgiving we would still have a great meal – but hardly any mess with all the extra pans. So we had visions of having dinner at noon, hitting the stores and SHOPPING!

Pffft. Hell with that idea.

The turkey was bad. And I mean BAD! It had to be tossed. So was the big pan of broth made from it.

OMG! It’s Thanksgiving! NO TURKEY.

Quick – grab one out of the freezer – and freeze our hands off doing the quick thaw in the cold water routine. We worked that sucker for two hours – massaging, wrestling – anything – just to thaw his butt (which got cut off anyway) and cook him up.

So our noon meal consisted of the veggies, salad, bread. At dinnertime we would have turkey and gravy with leftover sweet potatoes and veggies.

NOT! Turkey #2 – in the garbage.

Grab Tops turkey #3 – by 8 PM he was in the oven. By 12:30 in the morning we are tasting another bad turkey. Toss it.

Now it’s tops turkey #4 – he went in the oven at 8 AM the day after Thanksgiving. Then he went in the garbage by 1 PM.

What I should have done was taken all 4 birds, wrapped them up with a bow, found out where the damn store manager lived, gone to his house and force-fed him those turkeys. And then stick the rest where the sun don’t shine.

But instead – I went to Walmart. The day after Thanksgiving with all the loonies that knock down people at 4 in the morning to get their sale items. Me? I was there for a turkey! That’s it. No other shopping – just give me a turkey! After all – food stores don’t open till 6 or 7 AM – and I needed a bird NOW! Walmart is open earlier.

I still had the Riverside turkey from Tops in the freezer – but I was afraid to roast it. Not after the last 4 birds.

So here I am – cart in hand – I run to the grocery department – which of course I had to myself because the loonies went the other way. Grabbed a couple birds and went home.

Two birds in the freezer – one for a quick thaw with the massaging and wrestling all over again. Hacked off his ass and in the oven he went.

Damn good turkey. Made damn good broth/soup. Did I do any shopping? Yeah – for 3 turkeys at Walmart – that was it.

After that – cook the bird on Thanksgiving and stay home. Forget all the hoopla about shopping. It’s not worth it. And most of the time the same items are the sale price anyway. And be careful when the stores offer you such a good deal! There is a method to their madness.

You may wonder about the Riverside turkey I got at Tops the same day I bought the others. I refused to make it for Christmas. I pushed him to one side of the freezer as if he had typhoid and was quarantined. I did end up roasting him on a non-holiday in January. He was good and made a good soup/broth.

So you see – just because Tops has turkeys for 29 cents/pound – I’m not jumping for it. I’d rather pay much more and have a good turkey on the table.

I realize that the more turkeys (or other food items) a chain purchases – the cheaper they get them. And they get to store them in their freezers until they need them. But these birds had to be 2 years old or more. And to think that Tops Markets donates their brand of turkeys to food banks by the truck load. Those poor people who got them. And that was the year they (Tops) showed their big trucks loaded with turkeys going to the food pantries. I should have saved all those turkeys and put it on television for all to see.

Aren’t you glad I shared that one with you? The Thanksgiving I cooked 5 turkeys – 4 for the garbage and 1 for us. I think if I would have had company that year I would have been mortified! Never have I ever had that happen to me in all the decades of cooking turkeys.

Recipe: Goodbye Campbell’s Soups

|August 26, 2011|read comments (0)
Author: Mama's Kitchen
(as I step onto my soapbox -)

Just how many of you that are reading this have purchased Campbell’s Condensed Soups, Condensed Cream Soups, etc.?

We’ve all enjoyed a good hot bowl of soup at one time or another in our lives, and many of us have used their soups in making many of our family favorites – sauces, meatloaf, gravies, side dishes, casseroles, open-face sammies (anyone remember SOUPERBURGERS?), etc.

While I was going to school, many kids even brought that soup in their thermos for lunch with a sandwich. It was a good lunch too. They had a good product. Let me repeat myself one more time – They HAD a good product.

I’ve purchased come of their creamed soups and tomato soups occasionally for meatloaf, quick sauces, etc. And there were large cans of Chicken Noodle on sale, so I grabbed a can. With it being winter I thought it would be nice to heat up a can quickly after being outside and cleaning the snow with these bitter temps.

Was I ever fooled! When our wind chill was down to 18 below zero and I had to shovel and chop ice, I came in and warmed up the can of soup. Expecting to taste the soup they made years ago. To my surprise – it was sheer grease and no flavor at all. I ate a few spoons of it and had to toss the rest of it. I had that grease taste in my mouth for days – nothing would take it away. And there was absolutely no flavor at all. I know that everything today is supposed to be made with less sodium – but that soup was bad. And I was not going to pour a box of salt in it – it would most likely have not made a difference – and what’s the grease?

I sent an email to the company about it – of course I got an automated response that someone would get back to me in 24 to 48 hours. And guess what? No one has. Most likely they won’t. Maybe they can’t handle emails like that. And they must be getting tons of them.

I did notice when I used a can of tomato soup for meatloaf that it gave my meatloaf a different taste. And I made a quick cream sauce last week to go with chicken thighs and even that had an odd taste to it.

So it looks like I won’t be using their products anymore. I have a few cans of tomato soup and cream of chicken in the pantry – it’s a toss up – trash them or take them to the food pantry. I give to the food pantry regularly – but it’s always good foods that are in date (so many pantries hand out the foods that have expired long ago) and I don’t have to worry about anyone getting sick on them. It’s the taste of the product that has me wondering.

I thought (and shame on me for thinking) that Campbell’s was advertising that they don’t use MGS in their soups. For those of you that are following my blog you know that I posted a write-up on MSG and all the names that it is hidden under –

I just grabbed a can of their cream of chicken soup and right off the bat – here’s three names that MSG is hiding behind:

Soy protein concentrate
Soy protein isolate
Yeast extract

Maybe Campbell’s thinks we are all stupid or something.

Yes – I realize that it is very hard to get away from MSG today. It’s in so many foods and results from so many food processes that it’s really difficult. Even our favorite fast food restaurants are loading us with it.

And you’ve just got to love the Chinese restaurants – they say no MSG in their foods – but they sit on the huge drums while prepping their foods. Big bold black letters – MSG! LOL…….. Maybe that is why I am allergic to Chinese food?

But as far as Campbell’s goes – I like soup, and I want good flavor in my soup. Also – I don’t expect to suffer from grease-throat for several days because my innards have been coated with whatever they put in their soup. It was really sickening.

So it’s goodbye to Campbell’s –

And BEWARE – watch out for store brand soups (and foods as well). Campbell’s also makes their soups under private labels. Years ago, Tops brand (Tops Markets) was selling Tops Margarine (when it was a good margarine and not a lousy spread) under the Tops name but it was made by Mrs. Filbert’s. Wegman’s has their own chickens and when they no longer produce eggs they are sold to Campbell’s to make their soups.

Stick to homemade – you can’t beat it!

Do you think I will hear from Campbell’s? If they haven’t responded in a week, they aren’t going to.

Recipe: boycotting Pepsi –

|July 25, 2011|read comments (2)
Author: Mama's Kitchen

Now who else would you know would boycott Pepsi?

Hey – they have ticked me off this time.

I'm really upset with Pepsi –
I am a "cola" drinker – maybe not the biggest cola drinker in the world – but I enjoy Coca Cola and Pepsi – not any imitation brands.

There has always been friendly competition between the two – various "surveys", etc. and it's something you just take in stride.

Enjoying their commercials, especially at Super Bowl time is nice – who can try to out-do who.

Like I said "friendly competition" –


PEPSI HAS REALLY DONE IT THIS TIME. And I know I will ever buy ANY of their products again after this. And I won't allow my babies to either.  Sad part – they love Lay's and Fritos, as well as Propel and Sobie which we will not be purchasing anymore.

They have an extensive product list – from all Quaker products, Propel, Gatorade, Lipton Iced Tea, (not to mention all the soda pop they make), Captain Crunch, Tropicana, Rold Gold pretzels, Lay's, Fritos, Cheeto's, Pasta Roni, Rice A Roni, Lipton, Near East, Aunt Jemima, Sun chips, Matador meat snacks, Dole juices, Cracker Jacks, Grandma's Cookies, Hostess potato chips, Naked Juice, King Vitamin, Puffed Wheat, Quaker baking mixes, Harvest Crunch cereals, and tons of other products – which I am glad I know how to make so I don't need anything by Pepsi.

Santa and Coke – that is it – period – and ditto with the Coke polar bears. There is no option here.  Pepsi – you disgust me trying to out-do Coke's fabulous commercials with Santa and the Coke bears.

Pepsi – I hope your sales drop down to nothing!  Meanwhile – I will enjoy making my own products instead of putting the money into your pockets.


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Author: Mama's Kitchen

I usually purchase a box or two of instant potatoes that I can use for thickening soups, etc.

Well – I purchased 2 boxes of Great Value Instant Potatoes from WALMART –

UPC #007874237106

The codes embedded in white on the white box at the top:

17:55 FR BEST BY 08 25 11

that's it! That is all the info.

Anyway – the boxes were not slit, cut, bent or opened in anyway.

When I got home, after putting everything away, I opened the box tops to pour the flakes in my container. Many times these bags in cereal boxes, etc. stick to the bottom of the box because of the glue. These bags from both boxes came out very easily. At the same time I was reaching for my kitchen shears to cut the bag open and unknown to me – one side of the bag was slit completely down the side. Potato flakes all over the counter, floor, cupboards, etc. Ok – things happen. so I cleaned the mess and emptied the bag through the slit – I never cut the bag open at the top. At first I didn't think anything of it. When I opened the second bag – same thing. And, being stupid – I poured through the slit into my potato container.

Then the light bulb went off – how the hell did they get this in the box if it was slit like that?

I immediately contacted WalMart with an email. Next day I got a call from the store I purchased it in. The manager called and we discussed this – DO NOT USE THEM. Bring them back.

I saved the boxes, and the slit bags and the flakes were in my potato container. Next day I packed my potato container and the boxes with the bags inside of them and took them to the store with my receipt, which of course I was gypped on something else and when I brougt it to the cashier's attention she said it was "close enough" – and I just let it go.

The manager dumped my flakes in a bag, returned my container to me, took care of the cashier's "close enough", and exchanged the boxes for me.

First thing I did was open the boxes in front of the manager and pull the bags out – no slits, no cuts – everything was fine. But these boxes have different numbers/codes on them.

So if you purchased Great Value Instant Potato Flakes with those codes embedded on the top flap of the box – check to make sure your bags are not split anywhere.

17:55 FR BEST BY 08 25 11

I did notice after I came home and washed my container out and filled it again – that the flakes from the new boxes looked better than the ones in the other boxes.

Just wanted to pass this along – just in case…..,

Recipe: Shopping………..and foods

|May 31, 2011|read comments (3)
Author: Mama's Kitchen

Grocery shopping used to be enjoyable! You would walk into your favorite supermarket, grab a cart and start your shopping. You could easily follow your list as you paraded up and down the store aisles. The stores were smaller, there were GOOD brand name products that you could trust – and they all weren't owned by Kraft Foods which has been buying out everyone they can and changing the recipes while still trying to pass off the good name of the previous owner thinking they can fool us.

Don't believe me? Kraft Foods has ruined Stella D'Oro Cookies. They took the recipes from Stella D'Oro and made them cheap and lousy – I should know – I did the books for Stella D'Oro.

But then again that is Kraft for ya – buy 'em out, change everything to make it cheaper, make a big profit, ruin the products so that no one wants them anymore, and then sell it to some poor sucker with the recipes from Kraft and not the original owners. I see it coming. Too many years in the food industry – I've seen it happen before – Kraft will fall too.

Sometimes you get too big for your britches and you'd be more successful if you left things well enough alone. But Kraft will continue to ruin everything. And their American cheese is not cheese at all………it tastes like plastic. But they keep paying big bucks to the "brains behind the profits" that tell them what to do to save a penny or two on a product and Kraft falls for it. They'll rake in millions saving a penny on a food product.

It's amazing how people today do not know what the original Wonder Bread tastes like, real margarine from days gone by, what real American cheese tastes like and how it cracked when you tried to break it (oh but how good it was!) and the fabulous taste of so many thousands of other products.

Nope – we are "forced" into eating their crap that they are putting out – sorry fellas – many of us make it ourselves. It's worth the effort and it is healthier and delicious! As far as I'm concerned – I make it the best I can for those I am cooking and baking for. I don't eat crap and I don't serve crap.

Oh – I can go on and on about all this…..but I'll go back to the grocery shopping – (sorry I got side-tracked)

Years ago the grocery stores sold brand name items that we all new, loved and trusted. Today you have to walk 35 miles if you walk the entire store. Todays "supermarkets" are so much more! They are drug stores and also doctors – oh yeah – you can get your flu shots there! They are movie distributors, florists, tire distributors, auto parts, they sell pools and lawn furniture, pool supplies, grills, Christmas trees with all the decorations to do with them as well as all the lawn decorations, every holiday decoration, book, and gizmo to go with it, they sell toys, books, music, children's toys, and don't forget the appliances, pots, pans, dishes, tableware, electrical and plumbing supplies, and everything else they possibly can. You can even buy clothes, hats, jackets, scarves, gloves, boots, slippers – to name a few things. Should I complain about all the baseball, hockey and football gear as well? And don' forget the cooked food department, the salad bars, the olive bars, the fruit bars, all made from old stuff they have to get rid of. Including the rubber subs (yes that is what I call pre-made subs in the deli case) as well as their pizzas, calzones, chicken wings, chicken fingers, soups, stews, and yada yada. Of course all these "specialty" aisles happen to be in the middle of all the other aisles so you walk further.

You've got to love their plan-o-grams! Milk is waaayyyy in the back of the store – usually on the opposite side of the store from the bread. That's because if you need milk and bread – you have to pass everything else and hopefully will add additional items to your cart.

Then when you do finally reach an aisle with food items, you have to READ the entire label (which is microscopically written in English and Spanish – why not Dutch, German, Italian, Gaelic, Swedish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, etc. – a bit discriminatory isn't it??) because you don't know what they put in it that you don't want!

I picked up a can of Libby's fruit – tiny letters – MADE WITH SPLENDA. Yeah – like I want that crap in my system.

You can't even grab a can of tomato paste off the shelf without reading it! It may have Italian herbs or garlic or whatever. No thanks – I do it myself.

Speaking of ingredient labels – don't you just love the ingredients listed include – spices and herbs??? Duh. Which ones?

And the aisles of nothing but jams and jellies. Never heard of half the brands – not interested in trying many of them and once again – WHAT'S IN THEM? So you pull out the microscope (that is how small some of the printing is) and run the item through. You can't tell me that they sell all those brands and flavors to warrant a complete mile long aisle of it!

When you think about it – you can actually read a book or two with all the reading you need to do when you go grocery shopping. Hey – don't say you've bought such-and-such an ingredient for decades and it is the same – NO IT IS NOT!

What about the package sized today? Ever try to follow an old recipe with the sized of today's jars, bottles, cans and packages?

Tuna used to be 7 1/2 ounces, went to 6 3/4 ounces, last I saw – it was 5 1/4 ounces! And it's all liquid – that is where the weight is. Pee on them – I buy the big institutional size cans – the ones that are a tad more than 4 pounds. Beats opening 8 to 10 cans of tuna so that we can enjoy tuna sandwiches or better yet – tuna hoagies! What are those lousy little cans going for now – about $1.00 each or more? I buy the big can and I pay $7.65. And tuna is now packed in water or oil or olive oil or herbed oil – just READ THE CAN.

Packaged sausage is just like the bacon – used to be 1 pound packages now down to 12 ounces.

Boy did I make a mistake last week – wanted fried polish sausage and a large salad – I love that. I usually make my own sausage but I saw a "great deal" with Hillshire Farms and figured I could get away with it. NOT! Sausage has lost it's flavor – casings were made of plastic I swear it. They were so tough! And of course – 12 ounce package. So the sausage went in the garbage needless to say. And that is the last Hillshire Farms will get any money from me.

Let's start on the deli departments and the luncheon meats. Over loaded with salt and preservatives and FAT! I'm Italian – I like mortadella occasionally – unfortunately it's real close to pure lard these days. Flavors are just gone. The good brands have been bought out and changed. Hate Hormel. They think they can make pepperoni – they make SCAG pepperoni – as well as several other items. Hormel is off my list too.

Shelly used to make a decent bologna – that rots too.

Chopped ham anyone? Not anymore – more chopped (crap) than ham.

(God I miss the good ol' days!)

Love my salami! Hard to find a decent one. The best are the ones I buy at the Italian market imported from Italy!

Should I start on the meat department next? You know the one I am talking about – they pump water into the meats for added weight and add dyes to keep the meats a nice red color so you will buy it. And just what is in their ground beef? I do not want to even think of the unmentionable cow body parts that are in that. Waste not – want not.

Produce??? Never buy pre-packaged salad fixings. Buy fresh and wash it yourself. Let's see – you buy a head of lettuce (for example) and it doesn't last you 3 weeks in the fridge. It gets all funny and rusty and the taste is gone and it's just yukky. What the hell is in those pre-washed, pre-packaged salad fixin's that they have expiration dates 3 weeks or more away – and how long were they hanging in the store on the rack????? And they claim to be washed – then if they are washed, why do you see dead flies in the bags?? Oh yeah – you won't need to be embalmed when you die – you're slowly D.I.Y. (doing it yourself). And don't buy cut up fruit – what rat bit the fruit and they cut it off and "salvaged" the rest. You say it doesn't happen? Sorry – too many years in the food industry and I say it all. Oh those quarter watermelon pieces and sliced cantaloupes and chunked honeydews.

Let me tell you just one more little story – what I did to a major chain supermarket – the one with the big everything in their stores. Including their "fresh baked" bakery department. First of all let me tell you that their fresh baked bread comes in frozen – yes it is flash frozen and stored in their freezer until they need it. It is then removed from the freezer and placed on trays and placed in a proofer before baking.

Well this store had their big bakery next to their produce department. And they had their racks of bread either going into or coming out of the proofer and just sitting their waiting to go into the ovens. And it wasn't poppy seeds on their bread – THEY WERE FRUIT FLIES as well as a few other flies. All buzzing and landing and sticking to the bread loaves. Of course the baker would brush then off before baking. How nice of him…………….

I caused a big ruckus over that. Everyone knew I was pissed about it. Every agency I could contact was contacted – and I did not stop. And I would do it again. And I made sure everyone in the bakery department saw it so they would also know. I pointed it right out. And an educated consumer is the best consumer – many put their bread back and walked away – they did the right thing!

Of course every head from the chain called me – but – forewarned is forearmed – you won't win so don't even try it with me. They did not like what I had to say – they did not like what I did – and they do not like me. Tough tittie (I'm a fifties girl) – I don't associate with their type anyway. I don't hang out with low life maggots.

But that's okay – I don't buy their baked goods anyway. Just the thought of a fly landing on my food is horrifying. Just what pile of dog crap did they visit or what toilet seat were they stuck to before they landed? I go crazy if a fly enters the house. I'll damage anything just to get it out. And I did find out that flies do understand Italian. They are bi-lingual. They know they are doomed if they don't exit faster than they came in. A few choice words in Italian and they can't wait to get out before I get them.

Aren't you glad you know me????

Wait – I've just begun…………..

Recipe: I call them as I see them – Buckley Farms Corned Beef

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Author: Mama's Kitchen

Okay – it's time for the soap box! 

YES – here I go again! 

As you know – I paid $4.99 per pound for a corned beef round for St. Paddy's Day.  The picture of the package is above. 

I know times are different now.  You no longer have that personal touch by butchers, meats are delivered to the stores frozen and then thawed for your convenience – which is something I am dead-set against. 

If a store is going to thaw frozen meats, you cannot purchase them and take them home and freeze them again. 

And the stores should sticker every package of meat that they have thawed.  It's not right.  And I realize that in today's society, food manufacturers are out to make all they can and the stores want a good profit so they order "X" amount of certain products to get the best price there is.  Unfortunately, they do it with meats, deli meats, cheeses, baked goods, etc.  And then they freeze them. 

You know – all those foods that are likely to perish easily. 

You can tell what has been frozen – breads and rolls are drier and crumbly, ditto with other baked goods (even the ones they supposedly bake in their own stores – when they make too much they freeze them.  Meat packages have way too much water in them, bacon, ham, sausage, deli meats, hot dogs, and cold cuts that are prepackaged are salty.


The prices today are outrageous and it's not right that we are spending way too much for foods like this.  And all the supermarkets are doing it – but they won't tell you they are because it is against FDA regulations. 

Well the corned beef I purchased was an item that was frozen and then thawed – it had to be – it was saltier than all hell.  My broth wasn't salty – the MEAT was! 

Look – I know my meats.  I've work in the food industry my entire life and that corned beef was frozen and thawed.  The meat was so salty that it was a turnoff. 

Yes – I did make a soup – and that is after I placed the meat in a pan and covered with water, brought to a boil, drained, rinsed and did it again and again – draining and rinsing. 

Once the water boils – remove it from the heat immediately and drain – or you will be boiling the salt right back into it.  Rinse. Do it three times. Trust me. 

I just went through that with bacon – once again – the store froze it – the salt almost killed us and I had bought 2 packages of it.  The second package I had to boil and rinse 3 times before skillet frying.  And I've had to do this with sausage as well. 

I am so sick to death of these stores freezing meats, deli meats, bacon, sausages, hot dogs, etc. and not letting the public know. 

It's getting to the point that you can no longer stock your freezer because of this. 

Well – I contacted the headquarters of the store I purchased it from and asked them to return my email with the information I requested so that I could contact Buckley Farms.  I know the store will ask questions as well – and I left my name, address, phone number and e-mail with them so they could contact me. 

Butchers always made good money – the stores now put stockboys in white coats and have them stocking the meats.  I've watched them bring out cases of frozen pork products, etc. and place them in the case late at night so that they can thaw for the next day's sales.  It's bad enough the meat companies are pumping water into the meats to make more money – they have to do this to us. 

Yes – it pisses me off.  So now – if it's salty – it's going back to the store.  I don't care what it is.  This is constant and it is all the stores – not just one chain. 

Next time I am just going to corn my own round.  First of all it will be cheaper and it won't be salty. 

Let the buyer beware! 

When you see these ads for baked goods (even those baked by the stores themselves) with the BOGO (buy one get one), you can bet your bottom dollar that they were baked ahead of time and frozen.  The dough will be drier and it will crumble very easily.  Deli meats, pre-packaged cold cuts, hotdogs, sausages, and any brined meats will be saltier than they should be. 

Don't believe me – place a package of hotdogs or sausage in the freezer for a month and then try to eat them – pure salt.  And as far as meats go – more water in the package on top of what they pumped into it for weight. 

One knucklehead produce manager tried to purchase extra cases of iceberg lettuce to get a good price and froze it.  You don't need to be a rocket scientist to know what happened with that lettuce.  And at $2.99 per head – pffft.  I hope he enjoyed eating it all himself. 

You have to watch everything you buy these days.  You have to read every label.  And you cannot trust the supermarkets with anything. 

I have even seen the stores remove rolling carts loaded with bread trays full of hotdog or hamburger rolls from their freezer to thaw that they pre-ordered to get a good price and looking at the "best used by" date on it – the bakery that made them was nice enough to even date the bags ahead of time.  How would you know?? – the dryness and the crumbling.  Can't trust anyone…………

(as I step down………)