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Recipe: Cake pops –

|September 7, 2013|read comments (0)
Author: Mama's Kitchen

Those darling little balls of cake are sooooooo good!

And there is so much you can do with them!

I've made so many different varieties – and I have so much fun making them.

I've made brownie balls as well – and they are all favorites.

Princess brought one of her friends from school over one day and I had just made some chocolate ones – well – trust me – they were really enjoyed!

I used my homemade chocolate cake mix recipe (NEVER use a cake mix or brownie mix – unless it's homemade!) and lightly drizzled with a light glaze.  Just right.

I also want to share this with you –

STUPID ME – I had a gift certificate to Amazon and I purchased a couple cookbooks with it.

One of the books was for making cake pops.  You want it – you can have it!  Cuz it's heading for the garbage where it belongs!

To begin with – I do not believe in playing with your food – smushing cake and frosting and rolling into balls to place on a stick!  Who wants to eat something someone played with?

I bought myself a couple cake pop tins of various shapes and sizes (for oven use) and I even bought myself the little electric cake pop maker!  Now to me – that is the only way to make these.

I've made them for the kids to take to school – and one of the mothers also brought some in – but hers were the played with ones and mine were made from molds.  May I add that mine were a hit and devoured quickly! 

I've got to take some pictures the next time to show you what I have done with cake balls/pops.  Not like I can take a decent picture!  but at least my foods are good and homemade!