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Recipe: Simple – One pot!

|October 24, 2013|read comments (0)
Author: Mama's Kitchen

Well it's been a heluva 2 weeks!

First the starter went on the car – 2 days before my mechanic was scheduled for surgery and he could not fit me in.  He won't be back to work for a couple weeks – now what?

Okay – no car for a week – I'm going bonkers!

Ahhhhh – Tommy to the rescue.  God bless Tommy.

Tommy is my neighbor who takes care of the outside yard work for me, crawls up on the roof and cleans out my gutters for me and showed up at my house with a friend of his who is a mechanic, took my starter out, drove down the road to the parts store and put a new starter in – all in 1/2 hour!

God bless them both.  The car starts.

Well – don't I get a bug now?  Too sick to leave the house – so another 5 days pass.

Guess what??   I ventured out yesterday to a totally dead battery that would not hold a charge.  The charge got me to a car fixer-upper down the road – one terminal was only running on 10% – new battery time.  grrrrrrrrrrrrr

Okay – what else was going to happen?

I ventured out because of 3 unauthorized purchases made on my bank card and I had to go to the back to get money (like at this point I have any left!) because when I called the bank to file a complaint – they shut off my card immediately.

Oh well – new card in 5 to 7 BUSINESS days – ditto with the money taken from my account.

I don't use checks, I pay my bills on line and I use my card for everything not having to worry about carrying cash.  The ATM at the corner is from my bank so there are no ATM charges – I love it.

Now??  This.

So with all that goes on – I do still get hungry and I was not in the mood to cook.  So I grabbed some kielbasa links out of the fridge, diagonally cut, scrubbed and wedged taters, cleaned and cut carrots and steamed them.  Simple.

Dot with butter when done, sprinkle with salt and pepper – a bit of parsley for "the look" as well.

No fuss, no mess, and I still have to make it to the bank today.

Just another fun day here!

Recipe: A healthy one-pot meal –

|February 21, 2011|read comments (0)
Author: Mama's Kitchen

Well – almost one pot – I decided to make a white sauce to go with it –

Sometimes you just don't feel like really cooking.  All the prepping and standing there making sure everything is going well takes time and energy.  And I'm just like everyone else – I do get tired and I get very busy with so much – but cooking must still be done.

Steaming a meal is easy.  You still have to keep an eye on it – but it's not like skillet frying, sauteed meals, stirring macaroni, etc.

Being in the mood for steamed veggies and sausage – I made a very easy meal for us yesterday.

Since the broccoli and asparagus looked good at the market – a steamed veggie pot sounded good.

I filled the bottom of my steamer pot just about half full; placed my steamer pot on top and placed over a medium-high heat.

Cleaned and chunked my carrots, peeled my taters and cut into wedges, and cut a stick of kielbasa into diagonal slices and placed in my pot; cover and steamed for about 15 – 20 minutes – until my taters and carrots were tender.


Meanwhile, I washed my broccoli florets and trimmed and cleaned my asparagus spears and placed on top in the steamer.

Immediately I made some white sauce –

Over medium heat, melt in saucepan:
2 tablespoons butter
Whisk in and cook for about one minute:
2 tablespoons flour
Add Kosher salt and cracked black pepper; whisk in 1 cup whole milk and bring to a boil; whisking to desired thickness.


The broccoli and asparagus were steamed perfectly in 3 minutes – which is how long it took to make the white sauce.

Served with dollops of sour cream on the side. The drizzle of white sauce made it more enjoyable.

A very healthy meal and for vegetarians – eliminate the sausage.

Clean-up was easy – just the steamer pots and the small saucepan for the white sauce.