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Recipe: where oh where is the McRib????

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Author: Mama's Kitchen

Well it's been a day!

And to make matters worse – McDonald's has announced that they are discontinuing the McRib!


Isn't it bad enough that the McRib is only available for a short period of time and not on the menu as a permanent item?

I was watching FOX News when I got the shocker.  Hell – this makes Michelle Obama happy – Miss (cough) Perfect who thinks she can control what everyone is supposed to eat.  Who the hell is that bitch!  I bet you anything that old witch is a junk food closet eater and doesn't want anyone to know!  How else did her ass get so big?


Anyway – so what's a McRib anyway?

McDonald's McRib sandwich, pressed formed boneless pork patty submerged in barbecue sauce, with onion and pickles on a sandwhich bun is a specialty item that has made more appearances on their menu than I can recall.

Just what exactly is a pressed formed pork patty?


Rather than make your own pressed pork product you can use JTM® Brand pressed formed pork patties, which McDonald's used. Wal-Mart had them in the frozen meat section, not sure if they still carry them. If you're looking for a vegeterian version, check out Gardenburgers® Meatless Riblets.


The McRib

1 JTM® Brand "Grillin' Ribs" pork patty
1 6 inch long sandwich bun
2 tablespoons Bullseye® Barbecue sauce
1 tablespoon chopped white onion
3 sour dill pickle slices

Preheat griddle to 400°. Cook the pork patty according to the package

Toast both halves of the bun. On the toasted top bun, apply the barbecue
sauce and the dill pickle slices, placed evenly across the bun.

Put the cooked rib patty on top of the picle slices and follow with the
onions. Place the bottom bun on the onions.

Wrap sandwich in a 12”x16” sheet of waxed paper, let sit 5 minutes, then
microwave on high about 15 seconds, still wrapped. This will help create
that "McDonald's Flavor".


Okay cooks – let's do this – why not "know" exactly what you are eating and/or feeding your family like I do –


I started with thin sliced pork – no fat – a nice good cut of meat is best for what I make.  Place in a hot skillet (you know the routine – heat the skillet, add your olive oil, heat your oil, add your meat) and I season mine with Kosher salt, fresh cracked black pepper, garlic, onion powder and parsley.  Fried nice and a little on the slow side for that juicy tenderness we all love.  If you want to do them in the oven – same routine – olive oil, seasonings, a bit of water, cover, 350* until fork tender.


BBQ sauce – well – if  Bullseye is too spicy for you (or any other brand), cut it with some ketchup and if you want a bit of sweetness – give a drizzle of honey.  You can make your own as well – who said you couldn't?


A good hoagie-style roll, which we prefer to have very lightly toasted, fresh sliced onions and several dill pickle chips and you've got one heluva good McRib from your own kitchen.


No microwave needed (I wouldn't use one for anything anyway!)


Make them for a party, even use the crockpot to cook them in – so tender and juicy.  and you will also know what the hell you're eating!


C'mon – don't worry about the shape of the patty itself or the shape of the roll – it doesn't matter – it's a damn good sammie whether you make it in the oven, on the stove top or in the crockpot.


And – get this – make a ton of these patties – once cooked, cool completely in the fridge.  Next day, wrap them individually – easy to warm up at any time with BBQ sauce.  Well worth the effort!


Long live the McRib!


Food police – BITE ME!



Recipe: Pizza subs

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Author: Mama's Kitchen

A cold night, a good movie in the DVD player (since cable is nothing but re-runs – the same 4 or 5 movies on every channel day in and day out for weeks on end!) and  something nice to munch on.

Enjoying a loaded salad for a meal is nice – it gives you a chance to enjoy a nice movie munchie.

Normally, it's a movie and crocheting – but a pizza sub just sounded so good!

I was just in the mood for one.  They take just a few minutes to make and you can have anything you want on it.  Dang!  Fresh out of anchovies!  Oh well –

Soggy pizza subs are not for me.  Saucy – YES!  Soggy – NO!  And there is a difference.  (I am a big sauce person – I have no blood in my body – it's just homemade sauce!)

Using 6-inch sausage/hoagie rolls, I start by splitting open and placing in the broiler for a few minutes to toast the inside of the bun.  To me there is a big difference and I don't miss this step – then it's not soggy.

Remove from the broiler and brush a very light coating of olive oil over the inside of the bun, top with whatever sauce you want (I make my own sauces) and add your toppings.  No anchovies so I had to suffer with a cheese/pepperoni one. 

Popped into the oven (I used the toaster oven to do the whole thing – so easy!) at 350* F. for about 10 to 15 minutes and it was perfect. 

Nice and crusty, not soggy on the inside, yet saucy enough to keep me happy.

If making them open-faced:  just separate the top and heel of the bun and place in the broiler to toast, and continue the same way with the oil, sauce, etc.

Very simple to do and you can even use thick sliced bread, French bread, baguettes, bagels, English muffins – whatever.

Recipe: remember the ham salad?

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Author: Mama's Kitchen

As you've already seen – I made my ham salad not long ago (a couple posts down from here) and of course, as always, there is never any waste when that is made. Just like ham salad – I made bologna salad – you can use it for so many things. Stuffing pita breads, making sammies or hoagies, served as a spread for crackers, bagel chips, etc., stuff into tomatoes, etc.

So easy to make – and of course – it doesn't last long around here.

I purchased a whole bologna at the market (which I shared with someone else so they could make this as well) and we enjoyed bologna salad!

Just like making the ham salad, cut bologna into chunks and mince in the food processor.

Mince an onion as well and add sweet pickle relish – salad dressing or mayo to desired consistency and enjoy with bread and butter pickles!

At this time of the year, when there is so much to do for the holiday and so much baking – it's nice to have something like this that you can make a quick lunch, dinner or a snack with.

Recipe: before Thanksgiving – Ham Salad – from 11/2010

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Author: Mama's Kitchen

Before Thanksgiving it is so hectic for me. All the scrubbing and cleaning, windows, curtains and all, plus the menu planning, who's who, etc. and I just need more time to get everything done. And it always comes together for me.

The Sunday before seems to be the last day of making a big meal for us to enjoy until the big "stuffing" day.

On this day I made a pork steak dinner – just look under Pork, Yams, Potato Dressing – it's there.

Then it's "cheater" meals until Thursday.

The Monday before Thanksgiving I pick up the last of what I need – and in my travels I purchased a 3-pound canned ham. Great for sandwiches – and ham salad. That is always popular around here. Always rinse off well and pat dry with paper towels.

What I like about it – it's easy to make and you can add as much as you want of anything you want in it – and it's a great sammie-stuffer, or can be used as a spread for crackers, bagel chips, etc., or use to stuff tomatoes, celery, pita breads; you can turn it into a sub/hoagie by adding lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, etc., or you can serve it on lettuce leaves for a nice salad. There is so much you can do with a salad like this.

Here's my minced ham, minced onion, sweet pickle relish –

Once mixed – I can eat this with a spoon and I'd be in heaven!

Ham Salad

Deli/cooked ham (leftovers are good for this)
Sweet pickle relish or chopped sweet pickles
Onion and/or celery
Mayo or salad dressing

Mince your ham in your food processor; occasional lumps are okay – they taste good! Add enough sweet pickle relish, minced onion and/or celery, and mayo/dressing to make it the right consistency.

Will last in the refrigerator for 3 days, covered. Unfortunately – mine NEVER lasts that long!

Served on a nice deli rye with pickles and olives – Yep – I can do this quite often!

I hope you try it! Make it for yourself, your family, or for your next party as a spread.

Recipe: the choice – to buy or make a “steak” sandwich…..

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Author: Mama's Kitchen

Such a big decision to make!

In the mood for a steak sammie/sub – but I can't eat a whole one – so I would have to order a half – which would cost me close to $7 and it would take me 15 minutes to drive to pick it up, and 15 minutes back for the return trip from the sub shop.

Or I could have it delivered – for an extra fee and a tip.

Or I can do it myself in less than 10 minutes.

Begin by sauteing some Vidalia onion in some olive  oil.

Meanwhile, prepare your roll – or French bread, etc.  I just slathered on some mayo mixed with onion powder.

Added lettuce, tomato, onion and black pepper.  Added some pickle slices.

Once the onions have softened, breakup your Steak-Ums – season with Kosher salt, fresh ground black pepper, garlic, onion powder, and parsley.

Transfer to prepared roll and enjoy!

Recipe: best dang grilled cheese sammie –

|June 25, 2011|read comments (5)
Author: Mama's Kitchen

Okay – you may say it's "just" a grilled cheese sammie – but htis is one of my favorites! 

There is so much you can do to make your grilled cheese sandwiches extra special.  Try adding a cooked breakfast sausage patty, or add onions, or tomatoes, or peppers, or ham, or chicken, or turkey, or bacon – the list is just endless.

I used a nice hearty bread – these cheap white breads that disintegrate before they hit your mouth just don't cut it with me.  I used Schwebel's Italian sliced.

A light coating of butter and then I placed my cheese slices on each slice.  Since this bread comes in wider and larger slices than other white breads, I needed to use 1 1/2 slices on each slice of bread.

I scrambled (softly) a couple eggs, seasoned with salt, pepper, and a sprinkle onion powder.  I transferred the hot eggs to the bread, and closed it up, buttering the outsides and frying until golden.

Soft eggs, cheese slowly oozing out – absolutely one of my favorites.  And definitely a filler-upper!  Add a glass of orange juice and you're good until dinnertime!


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Author: Mama's Kitchen

A great sandwich for a gathering! This is always a big hit – I've created a monster!!

Enjoy while watching your favorite Godfather/Mafia/Untouchables/old black and white Gangster movies! LOL  I've made this for showers, tail-gating, Super Bowl – just about any occasion is just right to enjoy these.

Depending on the size of your appetite or who you are feeding –

Use either double crusty Italian rolls or a loaf of crusty Italian bread sliced in half lenghtwise. I've made this on 6-foot sub rolls that I special ordered from the bakery.m  And the best part of this – you can make yourself an individual sammie and enjoy it.

My sandwich dressing is:
Mayonnaise/Miracle Whip (either one works fine) with chopped sun-dried tomatoes packed in oil (drained); add some grated Asiago cheese and a few twists of freshly ground black pepper; sliced olives (black, green or Kalamata); add chopped marinated (drained) artichokes; mix well.  You can add chopped sweet onion if you want.  Spread dressing on both halves of roll/loaf.

Layer (all thin sliced) hard and/or genoa salami, soppressata (Italian salami made from pork and whole peppercorns), hot ham, cappicola, (or sliced sandwich size pepperoni instead of hot ham and/or cappicola),provolone cheese and mortadella (Italian bologna) on bottom crust. Sprinkle with dried or fresh basil.

Top with drained anchovy filets and fresh roasted red bell pepper slices (cut thick), and thin sliced green bell pepper rings (not roasted). Sliced hot or mild banana peppers may be added.

Slide sandwich bottom and top (open-faced style) under broiler to heat for a moment. (I have placed on a baking sheet and put in a 350* F. oven to heat also.)

Remove from the broiler and cover with top of roll/loaf. Be sure not to burn it!

Cut and serve.

**you may want to use wooden skewers to hold this one together before trying to cut! Usually when making for a gathering, I basically count one loaf of Italian bread as 4 servings. Sometimes the men prefer it cut in thirds.

Serve with a large green salad.

Or take it another step – remove from oven/broiler and dress with lettuce, fresh spinach, sliced tomates, sliced onions, etc.

If desired, you can slather on some of MY ORIGINAL DIPPING SAUCE (posted) for added flavor and zing!

Recipe: Italian Steak Parmesan

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Author: Mama's Kitchen

Depending on the size of the steaks, this can make an excellent steak sammie! A nice large crusty roll or even a nice toasted hoagie/sub roll.

Excellent with a side of pasta, ravioli, lasagna or gnocchi.

1 pound round steak, cut into individual serving pieces
1/2 cup flour roughly – just enough to coat the steaks
1 cup or so freshly shredded mozzarella cheese**
Spaghetti sauce (I use homemade canned – sometimes with meat in it)
Olive oil
Kosher salt and pepper to taste
Fresh minced parsley
Minced garlic

Season the flour with salt, pepper and parsley. Dredge the steak pieces in the flour, then brown*** in a little oil with garlic. Place in a casserole dish in single layer. Cover with the mozzarella cheese, then spread on spaghetti sauce. Bake at 350* F. about 1 hour or until steak is cooked through.

**I like to use a mix of mozzarella, provolone, Asiago, Pecorino Romano – all fresh grated.

I've also used eye round cut into 1/2 – 3/4-inch slices as well as other types of steaks – just adjust your cooking time.  And for that "special touch" I sometimes like to criss-cross a couple anchovies on top!  (luv anchovies!)

If using a thin sandwich-style steak – use leftovers and make a panini!

***This can be made in the crockpot as well.

Also – I have added thin sliced onions – mmmmmm and/or mushrooms – especially sliced portobellas.

Recipe: BBQ Beef Sammies

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Author: Mama's Kitchen

A quick and easy lunch that is quite filling is a nice BBQ beef sammie.  Whether you prefer a nice fresh Kaiser roll, or just some sliced Italian bread – it's good either way.  You can also enjoy this in pita breads or as a filling for flour or corn tortillas.


My insane schedule doesn't always allow me the time to cook what I want.  With the kids being sick for almost two weeks, then Bruiser had his THIRD surgery for tubes in his ears and they fell behind with school work and homework – so it's been a very busy time for gramma!  Check-ups, dentists for cleaning their teeth, follow-up medical – it keeps me busy.

And I still have to make sure I have my cooking done at home for us.


The ground round looked good at the market – and BBQ beef is something we really enjoy.  Plus I had some leftover BBQ sauce that I had made a couple weeks ago that I had put in the freezer and since I don't like to keep things for long in the freezer – BBQ beef sounded good to me.

Heat a bit of olive oil in a skillet – not much because this was 80/20.  Season with Kosher salt, cracked black pepper, parsley, garlic, onion powder, paprika, and chili powder.  When cooked through, add BBQ sauce and if BBQ sauce is too strong add some ketchup (my BBQ sauce had ketchup in it).  Heat through and serve as you please.

As you can tell – I am not a photographer at all – some of my pics turn out and some don't.  I did ask a friend how I can improve my picture taking – and you know what the answer was that I got?

"Let someone else take the pictures!"(hardy-har-har) 

But at least my pics are real and not fake or dummied-up! 

And by the way – a nice side salad completed this lunch!

Recipe: Foodies Paradise

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Author: Mama's Kitchen

I’ve lived in this area all my life and I must say that it is a foodie’s paradise! We have a wonderful selection of restaurants and many different ethnic restaurants as well.


It almost seems as if there are restaurants on every corner! We have everything from fine dining to tiny deli owners serving some of the best tasting goodies ever! The selection of family-owned restaurants with their authentic dishes I absolutely fabulous!


One thing this area is well known for (besides the ORIGINAL BUFFALO WINGS) is our Beef on Weck Sandwiches a/k/a Beef on Kimmelweck Rolls.

If you’ve never had a kimmelweck roll you just don’t know what you are missing.

Kimmelweck rolls are of Polish origin. A large, crusty Kaiser-style roll topped with kosher (coarse) salt and caraway seed!

Roast beef, sliced so nice and thin and layered up to 6-inches high makes these sandwiches really stand out in a crowd!

Served with au jus or horseradish. And don’t forget the Polish dill spears served on the side!

The memories of the corner tavern and their steam tables filled with roast beef all day and night. Regardless of the time of day – you could get a hot beef on weck. And being centrally located with all the steel plants in the area – they went through tons of beef and dozens and dozens of weck rolls! With three shifts going at the plant I don’t know how they kept up with all those great sammies!


This can easily be duplicated at home. Begin by making your own kimmelweck rolls.
This recipe will make 8 rolls:

Sprinkle 2 ½ t. active dry yeast over ¼ c. lukewarm water (95* – 100*F) in small bowl and let proof until bubbly – about 5 minutes.

In separate bowl combine:
3/4 cup lukewarm water (95*F to 110*F)
2 tbsp. vegetable oil
1 tbsp. sugar
1/2 tbsp. salt
1 tsp. barley malt syrup or honey
1 large egg white
Stir to dissolve the sugar.

Add to this bowl:
1 ½ c. flour (preferably bread flour – high-gluten) – mix until smooth. Add yeast and slowly stir in an additional 1 ½ c. flour.
Turn onto lightly floured surface; knead 5 to 7 minutes, until smooth and elastic but still tacky to the touch. Add additional flour (up to ¼ c.) to keep the dough from sticking.

Transfer to large greased bowl, turning to coat; cover with plastic wrap and let rise in warm area until doubled in size – about 1 hour.

Punch dough down; cover again; and let rise a second time for about 30 minutes.

Return dough to work surface and divide into 8 equal pieces; shape into a smooth round; flatten the round slightly. Place on parchment-lined or greased baking sheet, well spaced to allow for spreading. Cover loosely with a towel and set aside at room temperature for 30 minutes.

Preheat 425* F.

Combine 1 large egg white with 1 T. water; blend well. Brush rolls lightly. Using the tip of a sharp knife, cut 4 crescent-shaped slits into each roll, radiating out from the center. Sprinkle rolls with a mixture of coarse salt crystals and caraway seed; then spritz with water.

Bake for 5 minutes. Quickly open the oven door and spritz again with water; close the oven door and bake 20 minutes more, until browned and crisp. Cool on wire racks.


This recipe will also make a Vienna Loaf
Follow the recipe except divide the dough in half, shaping each half into an oval with tapered ends. After the final rise, apply the egg wash and cut a ½-inch deep slit down the top of each loaf; omit salt and caraway sprinkle, if desired. Bake at 400* F. about 30 minutes more after the second spritz with water (total 35 minutes).


And it will make a nice snack – Salt and Pepper Sticks

Follow the recipe directions except omit the second rise and divide dough into 13 equal pieces. Roll each into a 12-inch rope; place ropes 1 ½-inches apart on prepared baking sheet. After final rise, apply egg wash (do not make any cuts in the dough) and sprinkle with coarse sea salt and coarsely ground or cracked pepper. Do not spritz with water. Bake about 18 minutes. These are great served with mustard – plain old yellow mustard makes a great dipper! And for the brave – add some cayenne to your mustard!!


And these are great sandwiches to have during football season! I haven’t met a tailgater or an armchair quarterback that hasn’t enjoyed these! You don’t need a steam table either – you can always use your crockpot! Gotta love having crockpots – they keep foods warm, and for gatherings everyone can help themselves – just keep adding to it as the goodies disappear.

Oven roast your roast beef the day before; cool completely in the refrigerator. Thin slicing it is very easy then. And no one said you can’t do this “pulled-beef” style either. Just as you would pulled pork.


There are so many recipes for making beef for kimmelwecks and each claims to be the best or the original.

This is a very easy recipe and it makes a very tasty roast as well:

Place roast in baking pan with a bit of olive oil; roll to coat lightly; season with fresh garlic, kosher salt, fresh ground black pepper and fresh parsley – that‘s it. You want that marvelous flavor of the meat to come through. Roast at 350* F. to desired doneness. For rare – roast at 450* F to desired doneness.

For best results for these sandwiches – the roasts are cooked a day or two ahead; refrigerated and then sliced thin on a meat slicer; re-heated in au jus (which is nothing more than stock/broth**) and layered onto a fresh kimmelweck roll. Horseradish or horseradish sauce is served on the side along with Polish dill spears. I know that at the deli we had a lot of requests for the tops of the buns to be gently dipped into the au jus because it was so good.

As stated above, au jus is nothing more than beef stock stirred into the degreased roasting pan and brought to a boil. It is not thick like a typical sauce or gravy. The important thing to remember about au jus is – THE AU JUS WILL ONLY BE AS GOOD AS YOUR STOCK! So it is best to use a homemade beef stock. You can squeak by with a canned beef stock only if it is very top quality and bouillon will not cut it – that will ruin it.

When you beef is cooked and removed from the roasting pan, start making your au jus. Remove the fat from the pan (either discard or reserve for Yorkshire puddings). Place your roaster over medium heat, add your beef stock, stirring to release the browned bits from the bottom of the roaster. Bring to a boil and cook until slightly reduced, about 2 to 3 minutes. Transfer to gravy vessel.

Making a good-sized batch of au jus allows you to portion and freeze for future use.

Easy to freeze – cool completely in the fridge, portion into freezer containers, cover, label and date, and freeze.


Here is another “local” restaurant recipe for roast beef:

Flour your roast and brown it in olive oil over medium high heat. Transfer to roaster; add enough beef broth and enough water to come half way up the roast. Chunk an onion and add; season to taste with salt, pepper and garlic powder – being careful of the amount of salt used. Add a spoon of beef bouillon and a bit of browning sauce. Cover and roast at 375* F. turning occasionally. Remove and let cool for easier slicing. Strain cooking liquid and discard solids, return to pan, add sliced beef and heat through.

Serve your beef sandwiches with a nice dollop or horseradish or if you’re not that brave – try a nice sour cream horseradish sauce.


Sour Cream Horseradish Sauce for Beef Sandwiches

1 pint sour cream
½ cup prepared horseradish (well-drained)
¼ cup chopped chives (optional)
½ teaspoon Kosher salt
¼ teaspoon fresh ground black pepper

Combine and mix well. Make a couple hours ahead to allow the flavors to meld. Store in a covered container in the refrigerator.


How brave are you? Add more prepared horseradish.
Allow sauce to stand at room temperature for 1 hour before serving.