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Recipe: the edging –

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Author: Mama's Kitchen

When mom and I use the granny square to make a blanket or a coverlet, we always put an edge on it to make it look even better.

This edging is very simple – a real no-brainer and always looks nice.

You can use a nice contrasting color, you can use a larger needle than you used on your finished product to make it look more "ruffled" and you can do a "drag" of a second color of yarn to make every other stitch a different color.  There is a lot you can do with it.

So it's back to my use-for-show square that has come in handy for showing stitches – ignore the colors – just odds and ends and I am certainly not doing anything with this square except using it for show –

the following 2 pictures are the usual rounded shell that is made –

after completing your last row of your granny square blanket (or bedspread) start your edging by chaining 3 stitches and turn (just as if you were adding another row) and do 2 dc (exactly like beginning another row – EXCEPT in the next space you will do 6 dc and continue that until you hit the corner.  Don't worry about only having 3 dc (2dc and the ch 3) in the previous stitch – we will get to that at the end of the edging row.

for each corner you will work just like you did your normal corners except you will be using 6 dc, ch 1, 6 dc in each corner

when you work all the way around to where you started, add 3 more dc to your chain 3, 2 dc at the very beginning (gives you your 6 dc) and slip stitch together at the top of your first chain 3 when you first began the row

it's that simple!



Now – if you read my previous post about another  no-brainer crochet stitch you will find that it's a variation of a shell stitch with a bit of a point to it (caused by the ch 2 between each 3 dc).

So what I did was edge half the square in the "normal shell" and the other half I did in the "pointed shell" to show you both edges.

When using the pointed shell for an edge you would begin as you would for a normal row with a chain 3, turn and do ONLY 1 dc, in next space you will do the pointed shell stitch – 3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc – and continue that until you hit the corner.

Your corner stitch will be your pointed shell stitch, chain 1 and another pointed shell stitch.  Continue around until you return to the chain 3, 1 dc you did to begin your edging row.

Now do 3 dc, ch 2, 1 dc (which including the ch 3 stitch will give you the pointed shell stitch) and join with a slip stich at the top of your ch 3 that you used as your first dc for your edging row.


Recipe: another no-brainer crochet stitch –

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Author: Mama's Kitchen

To my surprise, I got quite a bit of interest in my last post showing my easy way of making a granny square!

Yes, there is more to life than cooking, baking and cleaning.

I love to crochet and knit and I love to come up with different patterns for different things.

Having an overabundance of yarn from past projects that mom and I made, I decided to put the leftover Antique Gold that I have from my "Nefertiti" coverlet that mom made and I wanted to use a no-brainer stitch of some sort. I've got a bit of some of the other colors as well which I will incorporate.

This is what my brainstorm looks like – I've got about 16 rows on it right now and when I get to the 21st row I will switch to another color to use up those colors of yarn –

(someday I will learn something about cameras and picture taking – just don't hold your breath waiting – I know me!)

It's a very simple pattern –

multiples of 6 plus 4

row 1 – sc in 2nd ch from hook and each remaining ch – chain 3, turn

row 2 – skip next 4 sc –

in next sc work (3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc) (shell stitch)

*skip next 5 sc

in 6th sc work shell stitch

repeat from * to last sc

dc in last sc

chain 3, turn


make shell stitch in each ch-2 sp of each shell stitch to turning ch

dc in 3rd ch of turning ch-3

chain 3, turn

That's it!  Easy as pie!

Recipe: Fidggity fingers!

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Author: Mama's Kitchen

Okay – I tried to email this to a dear friend and after 3 ½ hours of it transferring and sending my connection was lost.  I don’t know why I could not send this to you – so I will post this here – for now.  I figure posting here is easier than the last 3 tries (each over 3 ½ hours) of emailing this!


For those that know me – you know I love to knit and crochet – and at the beginning of this year I started to finish off all projects – which were bedspreads, blankets, coverlets, afghans, lapghans, etc. which I have this month alone given away 3 bedsrpeads, 8 coverlets, 3 blankets, and over a dozen afghans and 4 baby blankets.  I’ve got a handful left to just finish off – then I can re-organize my yarn – BUY MORE – and make more goodies to knit and crochet.  I love to make bedspreads and coverlets and give them away.


I make many really pretty patterns and my granny square is the easiest to make!  So I am sharing with a friend of mine and my computer won’t let me send it through email – so I will do it here!


I will try to write this out for you – if you have a question – holler –

Depending on the needle and yarn used – I will assume that you will be using a needle E, F, G, H, etc. – as opposed to the very thin lace making ones – and that your yarn is close to a 4 ply VS a thin cotton thread –

begin by chaining anywhere from 4 – 10 – play it safe and do 6 for your first attempt at this

join with a slip stitch forming a circle

insert hook into center of circle – chain 3 (this is your first double crochet – DC), 2 DC's (this is your first set of 3 DC's) and chain one –

next – 3 DC's in circle, chain 1 (repeat this two more times – giving you 4 sets of 3 DC and a chain 1)

next – join to first DC (chain 3 stitch) with a slip stitch

this is what your first row will look like – it is setting you up for your square

you will have 4 sets of 3 DC – this is your foundation row


next you will start your first row which is the beginning of your square –

once you have joined with the slip stitch – chain 3 (for your first DC of 3) and turn

(your chain 3 at the begining of each row is counted as your first DC)

insert hook to the left side of the chained stitch into that little space at the bottom and do 2 DC, chain 1, 3 DC (you have just made your first corner)


(if you take a look at where my needle is placed – it is to the left of the previous rows chain 3 which is the first DC and you can see the chain 1 spaces that separate the 3 DC’s)

you can see from the bottom row the 4 sets of 3 stitches – for your corners

now begin your next row which is your “corners” row –

insert hook into the chain 1 space from the row below – 3 DC, chain 1, 3 DC – repeat more 3 times inserting hook in chain 1 space to make corner (see pic below)


next slip stitch inserting hook into chain 3 stitch to join row -you now have your square

chain 3 and turn –

2 DC – you have now made your first side stitch – the side stitches are 3 DC (remember that your chain 3 counts as a DC when beginning your next row

now insert your hook into the chain 1 space of the corner stitch – 3 DC chain 1 3 DC

insert hook into next space and do 3 DC

do your next corner, then side stitch 2 more times

do your 4th corner and slip stitch to join

chain 3 turn

remember – all corner stitches – 3 DC, chain1, 3 DC

all side stitches – 3 DC

all new rows start with chain 3 which counts as your first DC

each row you add will add one more side stitch

I used a J hook and I tried to do it loosely so you could see the stitches

I hope I explained this okay


I am making a pillow to go with one of my bedspreads that I made – for this type of yarn and pattern it will take about 20 rows then the ruffled edge.  The flip side of the pillow will have a different pattern to it.


Leftover cream colored and autumn tones of wines, greens and a touch of cream will make a nice rug-type thingie for Christmas.  I have a snoring Santa which I display with reindeer around him, etc. And this goes well with his quilt blanket and bed – I’ll have to take a pic of it next season.  I have to make it bigger and I will put an edge on it – maybe a looped edge – haven’t decided yet.  But I’ll add more cream to it to break it up a bit.


I will post pics of other patterns I have used as well.

BTW – let me know if you are interested in my ruffled edge!