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Let’s talk about various types of sammies (sandwiches) for a moment.

A sandwich to many is 2 or more slices of bread of choice, with something stuffed between them. It can be a deli meat, or a deli meat and cheese, or a slice of leftover meatloaf, or some roasted meat, burgers, ham, egg, or bologna, or tuna salad – may contain lettuce or greens of choice, tomatoes, onions, peppers, cucumber slices, pickles and seasoned with any seasonings, spices, or condiments – such as mayonnaise, salad dressings, flavored dressings, ketchup, mustard, horseradish – the list is just endless.

Sandwiches are also made on pita breads, bagels, wrapped in tortilla shells, buns, biscuits, rolls, croissants, French bread, Italian bread, Ciabatta bread, etc. – and once again the list is endless. 

Sandwiches are known as bombers, hoagies, subs (short for submarines), torpedoes, slyders, panini, grinders, heroes, poor boys, (po’ boys), etc.

Hoagies are over-sized, stuffed sandwiches made of deli meats and cheeses, sometimes with veggies added. A traditional hoagie roll is shaped like a loaf of French bread/baguette. Hoagies are also called grinders, heroes, and torpedoes as well as submarines. Usually hoagies are loaded with shredded lettuce, onions, peppers, and tomatoes. Other names: Bombers, Subs, Grinders, Poor Boys, Heroes, Torpedoes, Grinders, etc.

Submarines (or subs) are deli meats, cheeses, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, peppers, etc. laid out on a long roll – resembling a military submarine. Usually dressed in an oil dressing, but mayo or flavored mayos are also used. To me – the same as a hoagie (and the other names) – except longer.

Most of these “sandwiches” require two hands for eating!

Panini (panino) are of Italian origin – made by stuffing a loaf of bread or thick slices of hearty bread with meats, cheeses, etc. and then grilled on a Panini press.  A george Forman grill or even a two-sided waffle maker with reversible grill sides can be used.  Ciabatta bread is preferred – but any heart bread works just fine.

Slyders are little burgers on little buns. No one can eat just one! But you now find pork and roast beef “sliders” as well.

Po’ boys (poor boys) originated in Louisiana and resembles a submarine sandwich.

And then there are wraps – meats, cheese, fillings of choice that are wrapped (rolled) in a tortilla; sometimes using lettuce leaves in place of tortillas.

But don’t forget – Muffalettas! A muffaletta (muffuletta) is Sicilian bread, round and flat, similar to a focaccia, with sesame seeds on top. Stuffed with ham, cheese, salami and a good olive salad, layered in the bread and heated to melt the cheese and heat through.

Remember – when making sandwiches – don’t be afraid to try something new. Use a different bread, try some flavored mayos, add roasted peppers or other veggies and enjoy!!

AND SPEAKING OF SANDWICHES IN AN ITALIAN HOUSEHOLD – how many other Italian children that took their lunch to school had their sandwiches made on homemade bread?? What a wonderful experience!

My sandwiches may have looked “different” and they were. But my mother did not believe in sending me to school with peanut butter and jelly sammies either! I had the best homemade lunches!!

Homemade macaroni and meatballs in my thermos……..antipasto on the side……and a hunk of homemade bread. Such memories……….

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