Recipe: Crockpot Steak and Onions

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Author: Mama's Kitchen

Today I just had so much to do – the kids are back in school – not my kids – my babies. There is a difference.

You see – I spent my life working my tail off – never had time to marry or have children of my own. Then one day I woke up and it hit me – OOPS! I removed my head from my corporate butt and realized there is a life other than working 2 full time and 1 part time job and still trying to keep up with catering for friends.

But – 32 years ago I met a lady with 2 children – and her baby became my baby. She was with me all the time – lived with us for years – I put her through school – her wedding cost me a small fortune, blah, blah, blah.

And I love her to death. She is like my own. We are probably closer than many mothers and daughters. Of course – after she married she had 2 babies – so I call her the "surrogate mother" and her babies are mine. I want to keep them but she won't let me steal them for too long – DRAT!
So I am the proudest "adopted" gram to two of the most beautiful babies in the world! And I am happier than ever when I am with them. My little doll baby just turned 10 (I can't believe she is that old already!) and my little bruiser is 7 going on 8 this December.

No one loves them more than I do – and I even fight with their mom – I love them more – and that fight will go until I am dead – but I do love them more than anyone else does. (they are spoiled with love – but their mom would still say she loves them more)

Each day (their mom is a school bus aide) I arrive by 5:30 AM to watch them sleep, listen to them snore, feed them, wash them, dress them, check the homework and drive them to the bus stop or – sometimes right to school. Mom can go to work and she knows all is well.

It even gives us time to run to the park and look for deer, collect leaves in the fall, watch the ducks (like the time my battery went dead in the middle of a rain storm while we were watching the ducks! I panicked – had to get a boost and drive them to school and everyone laughed at me for taking them to watch the ducks! But what are gramma's supposed to do???)
Well the first week or so of school none of the bus drivers know what they are doing so I make my meals according to the babies schedule. After all – I have to drive all the way into the city every morning and afternoon. One of these the schedules will work themselves out. Right now they are getting home a half hour later than they are supposed to and it's an hour later than last year's schedule!

So for today – I made steak and onions in the crockpot. It was very easy to prepare – I always rinse my meats off and pat dry with paper towels. You just never know if there is a bit of bone or something stuck to the meat. Place in crockpot and season with Kosher salt, fresh cracked black pepper, fresh minced garlic, fresh chopped parsley. I dropped in chopped onions seasoned the same way and put it on HIGH. It was done in 3 hours and we were able to have our "big" meal by noon; served with a large salad of greens, celery, beets, green beans and cukes – olive oil and lemon juice with a sprinkle of my Dipping Sauce Mix (dry). Fresh rye bread for sopping up the juices and dressing – made it complete.
Gave me time to digest, try to get these dang updates done in my computer (which they keep knocking me off line – grrrr) and then get ready to drive all the way back and wait for the bus. They hop in and we drive to their mom's last stop to get her. Everyone is home safe and sound – so I head home.


As far as cleaning the crockpot – I've had many ask the easiest way to do it – I find that while I am eating I fill it with hot water and let sit. Immediately after eating, all dishes are done in my house – no waiting. Everything is clean except the crockpot. So I empty the water, place Kosher salt on my dish cloth, and start scrubbing. It just takes a bit of elbow grease – cleans really easy.

Some have found it easy to let the crockpot soak with water and a dryer sheet in the water. I've never tried that – my salt works fine or me.

Do you have any tips for cleaning your crockpot?

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