Recipe: BBQ Beef Sammies

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Author: Mama's Kitchen

A quick and easy lunch that is quite filling is a nice BBQ beef sammie.  Whether you prefer a nice fresh Kaiser roll, or just some sliced Italian bread – it's good either way.  You can also enjoy this in pita breads or as a filling for flour or corn tortillas.


My insane schedule doesn't always allow me the time to cook what I want.  With the kids being sick for almost two weeks, then Bruiser had his THIRD surgery for tubes in his ears and they fell behind with school work and homework – so it's been a very busy time for gramma!  Check-ups, dentists for cleaning their teeth, follow-up medical – it keeps me busy.

And I still have to make sure I have my cooking done at home for us.


The ground round looked good at the market – and BBQ beef is something we really enjoy.  Plus I had some leftover BBQ sauce that I had made a couple weeks ago that I had put in the freezer and since I don't like to keep things for long in the freezer – BBQ beef sounded good to me.

Heat a bit of olive oil in a skillet – not much because this was 80/20.  Season with Kosher salt, cracked black pepper, parsley, garlic, onion powder, paprika, and chili powder.  When cooked through, add BBQ sauce and if BBQ sauce is too strong add some ketchup (my BBQ sauce had ketchup in it).  Heat through and serve as you please.

As you can tell – I am not a photographer at all – some of my pics turn out and some don't.  I did ask a friend how I can improve my picture taking – and you know what the answer was that I got?

"Let someone else take the pictures!"(hardy-har-har) 

But at least my pics are real and not fake or dummied-up! 

And by the way – a nice side salad completed this lunch!

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