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Author: Mama's Kitchen

I'm still here – but I have a new email address if you would like to contact me for anything.

Congratulate me – I am no longer on dial-up from SnailsRUs!

I've got the roadrunner speed!  LOL

My new email – –

hey – they had absolutely NO names to pick from!

Drop a line – I am still writing cookbooks to give to those who are interested – doing this has saved my sanity with all I have been going through for the past 2 years – so just bear with me friends!

I know the newsletters haven't gone out – but I hope to start them up again – I'll keep you posted!

Recipe: Cake pops –

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Author: Mama's Kitchen

Those darling little balls of cake are sooooooo good!

And there is so much you can do with them!

I've made so many different varieties – and I have so much fun making them.

I've made brownie balls as well – and they are all favorites.

Princess brought one of her friends from school over one day and I had just made some chocolate ones – well – trust me – they were really enjoyed!

I used my homemade chocolate cake mix recipe (NEVER use a cake mix or brownie mix – unless it's homemade!) and lightly drizzled with a light glaze.  Just right.

I also want to share this with you –

STUPID ME – I had a gift certificate to Amazon and I purchased a couple cookbooks with it.

One of the books was for making cake pops.  You want it – you can have it!  Cuz it's heading for the garbage where it belongs!

To begin with – I do not believe in playing with your food – smushing cake and frosting and rolling into balls to place on a stick!  Who wants to eat something someone played with?

I bought myself a couple cake pop tins of various shapes and sizes (for oven use) and I even bought myself the little electric cake pop maker!  Now to me – that is the only way to make these.

I've made them for the kids to take to school – and one of the mothers also brought some in – but hers were the played with ones and mine were made from molds.  May I add that mine were a hit and devoured quickly! 

I've got to take some pictures the next time to show you what I have done with cake balls/pops.  Not like I can take a decent picture!  but at least my foods are good and homemade!

Recipe: BBQ Chicken, Beans and Salad

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Author: Mama's Kitchen

Oh so simple!

I love bbq chicken!  And when you make it in the oven it is just fall-off-the bone goodness!

The little guy had his year-end picnic a couple weeks ago and they had a local BBQ place (BW's BBQ) do the chickens.  Well – to me – you go to a chicken barbecue and you see them making the chickens, basting/mopping them, etc.  Well it smelled good – but that was about it.

What ever happened to the days you went to a chicken barbecue, got a half chicken on a plate and they passed salads of all sorts around for you to help yourself to?  And the salads were GOOD!

After the chicken was cooked it was placed in a styrofoam container with a scoop of coleslaw and a scoop of potato salad.  (just gotta love portion control!) Plopped a plastic bag with a plastic fork and knife, one thin paper napkin, and a wet one to clean your hands when you were done.

Where would you like me to start?

I'll start with the chicken – dry – no flavor – apparently they use a rub which burns on the grill and that was the only taste there was to the chicken.  You got to eat charcoal flavored skin and the meat on the chicken had absolutely NO FLAVOR WHATSOEVER. Talk about dryness!  You had to choke it down!

Moving over to the potato salad – made with those frozen diced potatoes – card board tasting – disappointing.  Sure as hell doesn't compare to homemade!

Coleslaw – certainly nothing worth writing about.

Well none of us could finish it – not because it of the size (I think elementary school lunches have more to them!) but because of the taste.

I don't know about you – but I love a good barbecued chicken that has that fall-off-the- bone goodness and is finger-licking good!

Certainly not worth the $12 per person we all paid!

Hell – if it was good – I would have paid more than that!

And being such a bbq chicken nut – I just decided to make a simple dinner to satisfy that fall-off-the-bone, finger lickin' good bbq chicken.

Just oven baked, served with pork and beans and a nice refreshing salad with a simple and tasty homemade oil/vinegar vinaigrette.  Oh so good – and flavorful!