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Recipe: just wishing for the warmer weather to come –

|April 8, 2011|read comments (0)
Author: Mama's Kitchen

When April 1st finally came I thought for sure the weather would have gotten a bit better.  But then again – it was April Fool's Day!  And with it came SNOW – it was so cold – it's still cold – although the warmth is trying to squeeze in there.  And of course, it's Lent and it was Friday – a no-meat day around here.


So homemade cream of potato soup sounded good for the day.

So I chopped my celery, celery leaves, sweet onion, and grated my carrots and placed in my pot with some butter to saute until tender.  I lightly seasoned with Kosher salt because I was using chicken bouillon granules.  Added my cracked black pepper, garlic and parsley with 2 quarts (roughly) cold water and brought that to a simmer.  Added my chicken bouillon.

Meanwhile I diced my taters and added to the pot.  When my taters were half-cooked; added a handful or so of instant potato flakes for thickening and continued to simmer until my taters were tender I added my whole milk to heat through.  BTW – I don't know where the color went!  I would never make it as a photographer.  You could give me the most expensive camera in the world and I'd still flub it up!

Add some crusty bread for soppin' and you're all set!